Australia Freestyle Motorcross (FMX) athlete and Icon, Lance Russell extends his long term partnership with Kawasaki Motors Australia.

Over the years Lance Russell has defied his audience with breath-taking stunts, becoming one of the most prominent personalities in the Australian FMX scene. This year he will continue to perform remarkable tricks aboard the lightning fast and ultra-light 2018 Kawasaki KX450, soon to be upgrading to the 2021 KX450.

“I’m thrilled to be continuing my partnership with Kawasaki Motors Australia into 2021 and it’s fantastic to have a local dealership in the Sydney area on board to help me out with servicing and parts" Lance said.

Lance Russell’s local Kawasaki dealership, MotoHUB Motorcycles and Accessories in Castle Hill NSW will be providing assistance for the FMX rider who has been a Kawasaki supported rider and ambassador since 2013. “The MotoHUB team have already been really helpful and friendly, they are very enthusiastic and eager to assist where they can. The dealership is in a great location so it will be easy to work with them and I’m excited to start building a relationship,” Lance explained.

Recently Lance hit 500,000 facebook followers! https://www.facebook.com/lancerussellfmx  Lance will also be travelling for a few months with Freestyle Kings in these events:

24th April 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Newcastle Entertainment Centre

1st May 2021 - Inverted Festival - Gold Coast, QLD - Metricon Stadium - MotoX ‘Best Whip’ Competition

7th May 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Toowoomba, QLD

15th May 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Bundaberg, QLD

22nd May 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Rockhampton, QLD

29th May 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Mackay, QLD

5th June 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Townsville, QLD

12th June 2021 - Freestyle Kings LIVE - Cairns, QLD

"Our filming for the new Youtube series continues, with all episodes released together at a later date. We are in the content building stage now. The training involved in this action sport is the most mentally demanding thing I have ever done. The cool thing is not only do you train with time on the bike, but you also have to train the brain - researching fear suppression and slowing down heart rate in stressful situations. Safety is priority, making changes to eliminate huge risk factors. Nothing is allowed to be half-measures here in terms of safety. If we can go to more effort towards safety, we do."

"The foam pit is a priceless tool for progression but it can be deceiving, generally thought of as soft and easy. In-reality it’s the completely opposite - it’s physically draining, painful to jump into, easy to get trapped in. That’s why we have a full team to operate it, reducing danger significantly (other than the fact of being 4 stories high in the air). "

"The latest trick I’m working on is the 'Ruler Backflip’, only a small number of riders in the world can do it - we’re making huge progress in the foam pit!"

Find out what Lance is up to by visiting his Facebook and Instagram profiles!


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