The support provided by Kawasaki's KX Junior Squad program enables rising Australian off-road talent throughout their development journey.


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Hayley Ball - KX85

Age: 11

Team Name: Ball Z Racing

Hometown: Mackay, Qld


In 2019 I will be racing in a variety of series throughout QLD, NSW and overseas. Competing in MX, flat track & Dirt Track.

Favourite thing about Riding Motorcycles:

I love going fast and battling and racing against other riders.

Other Hobbies and fun things I like:

I Love Gymnastics provides great flexibility and core strength training for MX.
I'm in a great female Rugby team, I really like the cardio aspect and teamwork.
I also play Tennis and love that my sister and I can compete against each other.
Swimming is fun and I usually swim after every bit of road bicycle training.

Goals & Challenges

Always work on and improve skills and speed.
Ultimate aim is to improve each race and aim for the top of the podium at all events.

Product Ridden: 2019 KX 85cc

Event Name: Go Girl Racing Australia - Lucas Oil

Event Date: April 12th - 16th

Event Location: Maclean, NSW

Results for the event:

2nd overall Female 9-11yrs 85cc SW

4th overall Mixed 9-11yrs 85cc SW


Fantastic five days and four days of full on racing. A true test of ability and endurance. 9 rds per class and a total raced of 18 races from standard moto's to sprints to handicap starts to endurance moto's. The best opportunity to race the top Female MX races in Australia in a fun, relaxed and family environment. I really enjoy racing the KX 85 feeling super comfortable and smooth on the bike. Been concentrating on bike set up and feels mint.

Brad West - Kawasaki KX Junior Squad - KX85II


In 2019, Brad West steps up to a KX250 and will launch his assault on the Australian Junior Motocross Championship and  the QLD Junior Motocross Championship.

Motorcycle - Kawasaki KX85-II and KX250
Hometown -  QLD


2019  New Zealand Junior Motocross Champion  2018 Australian Supercross Junior Champion
2nd 2016 AJMX Championship - 85cc/150cc 9-u12yr
2014 Sunshine Shell Series 65cc Champion
2014 QLD Jnr Motocross Champion 65cc
Chosen to represent Australia at the World Junior Motocross Titles in 2014
2013 Australian Junior Motocross Champion 65cc (7-8yrs)
2nd - 2012 Australian Junior Motocross Titles
1st - 2012 Qld Junior motocross titles 50cc
4th Alabama AMA National USA
in QLD Junior National Motocross team every year since 2012

Goals and Challenges


Riding his Kawasaki KX85, Jason has had a great start of season and is looking forward to improving his technique!

Motorcycle - Kawasaki KX85
Hometown -  QLD


2019-2018 Australian Off-Road Championship
2019-2018 King of MX
2018 65cc in QLD

Goals and Challenges

Liam Jackson - Kawasaki KX Junior Squad - KX85


Liam Jackson began riding when he was three and started racing at seven years of age. Dedication to the sport he loves and natural talent has seen Liam place in the top ten consistently with a personal best result of 3rd in the Appin round of the 2015 NSW State Motocross Championship.

Motorcycle - Kawasaki KX85
Age - 12
Hometown -  NSW

Goals and Challenges

Being welcomed into the Kawasaki KX Junior Squad program has delivered a boost in confidence for Liam who said, “It makes me confident that Kawasaki see potential in me and my riding and that they want to support me. I want to get a podium every time I race this year so the support from Kawasaki will be a huge help. Thank you Kawasaki.”

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