2018 Ninja ZX-6R

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2018 Ninja ZX-6R ... Supersport Racing!

With the NINJA ZX-6R's sleek bodywork and a solid chassis combined with a standard Ohlins steering damper ensures it has the responsive handling to match its bigger sibling. The highly developed 599cm³ powerplant provides plenty of low-end and mid-range power without sacrificing the potent top-end. 2018 Ninja ZX-6R - Precise Control for Maximum Excitement.

World Supersport winner on the track, magazine test favourite on road. Kawasaki invented the mid-weight class, feel free to enjoy the result of our experience and success.

Dynamic Chassis

The 2018 ZX-6R features light handling. The superb combination of mid-corner stability and ability to change lines on command is maintained from previous models, but frame rigidity is a standout on the 2018 model and mass greatly centralised to make the ZX-6R easy to tip into corners.

Track-Optimised Clutch

Designed for maximum on-track performance, the multi-disc wet clutch features a back-torque limiter to help reduce the rear-wheel hop that can occur when down-shifting at high rpm.

Fuel System

Long throttle bodies increase the distance between the oval sub-throttles and round main throttles resulting in smoother airflow and better drivability.

Cylindrical guides on the top of the air cleaner box ensures more accurately sprayed fuel mist from the secondary injectors for improved combustion efficiency. Double bore intake funnels feature inlets at two different heights, allowing performance increases in both the mid and high-rpm ranges.

Racing Style Instrument Panel

Similar in design to that of the ZX-10R, the instrument panel gives at a glance information to the rider.

Functions include odometer, trip meter, coolant temperature, clock, lap timer and lap counter and fuel injection, oil pressure and immobiliser warning lamps.

Serious Braking Performance

The front radial mount callipers have individual front brake pads for each piston to prevent pad deformation due to heat.

Petal shaped discs are lighter and able to withstand higher temperatures without warping. Radial action front master cylinder delivers impressive stopping performance and feel.

Showa Big Piston Front Fork (BPF)

Showa’s Big Piston Fork (BPF) is one of the main contributing factors to the great composure of the Ninja ZX-6R under braking. Compared to a cartridge type fork of the same size, the BPF features a piston that is almost twice as big.

Brilliant Aerodynamics

A state of the art cowling offers riders excellent wind protection and is designed to better withstand side winds.

Intake ducts at the lower front fairings direct cool air into the engine compartment, contributing to effective heat dissipation from the engine and radiator.

Short Side Muffler

Classy exhaust layout with a short side muffler is low weight, contributing to a light feel when turning in. Use of a prechamber further contributes to mass centralisation.

Natural Riding Position

The naturally aggressive ergonomics package is fine tuned to offer riders a natural “fit” and to enhance the high level feedback that communicates to the rider what the bike is doing.

Ohlins Steering Damper

An adjustable Ohlins steering damper with relief valve and twin tube design is fitted as standard equipment. The second tube, which acts like a reservoir tank, and the damper internals, ensure stable damping performance. Even if the damping fluid gets hot it will not froth.

High Torque Engine

The high tuned engine focuses as much on controllability as performance. Throttle response is silky smooth, delivering precise control at all rpm. While the high-rpm performance of the previous model is maintained, powerful mid-range torque means stronger drive out of corners.

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