2018 Ninja ZX-10R KRT EDITION


Pure Superbike

The 2018 Ninja ZX-10R KRT Edition has clearly demonstrated its circuit potential through winning results in the Superbike World Championship (SBK). Kawasaki has dominated the 2015 Championship, 2016 Championship, and 2017 Championship with Jonathan Rea's 3 consecutive World Superbike Championships and again winning the 2017 WSB Manufacturers Championship for Kawasaki.

The 2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is Pure Superbike.

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2018 NINJA ZX-10R KRT Edition

Kawasaki Racing Team KRT Edition

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Simply the Fastest on the Track

  • In-Line Four delivers 147.1 kW (200 PS)
  • Maximum power maintained while meeting Euro 4 regulations
  • Strong acceleration on corner exit
  • Electronic Throttle Valves: Precise control of intake airflow
  • Titanium exhaust system
  • Class Leading Ram Air System


Track-focused 998 cm³

In-line Four

All-new in 2011, the Ninja ZX-10R’s engine balanced stunning power with manageability, and facilitated getting back on the gas by moving peak torque higher up in the rpm range. The new engine maintains this essential character, but offers a stronger low-mid range for increased acceleration coming out of corners.

Bosch IMU

(Inertial Measurement Unit)

Compact IMU enables inertia along 6 degrees of freedom to be monitored. Acceleration along longitudial, transverse and vertical axis, plus roll rate and pitch are measured. The yaw rate is calculated by the ECU using Kawsaki's proprietary dynamic modeling software.

This next-level system enables predictive and adaptive electrons for precise chassis orientation awareness.


The centrepiece of the Ninja ZX-10R’s instrument panel is the highly visibly LED-backlit bar-graph tachometer – a mass-production first when introduced on the 2011 model. Additional functions on the multi-function meter include:

  • Gear position indicator
  • Odometer
  • Dual trip meters
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Instant fuel consumption
  • Power Mode (3 modes)
  • S-KTRC (5 modes + OFF)
  • Low fuel indicator
  • Economical Riding Indicator
  • Water/intake air temperature and

a host of indicator lamps.

Light Strong Pistons

Short pistons with a high performance piston crown are designed to handle the load of more powerful engines. Each piston is 5 g lighter (than previous model), to improve response. Further, the pistons are made from a new material with superb heat resistance that offers increased toughness. Finally, a dry film lubricant coating on the piston skirts reduces friction at low rpm and helps with the piston bedding-in process.

Back-torque Limiter

Easily adjustable back-torque limiting clutch, enhances smooth downshifts.This highly acclaimed feature is one of the main contributors to the rear’s stable composure under hard braking.

Engine Refinements

Engine balancer is light (optimised to match the light crankshaft), contributing to a strong engine response. Connecting rod journal bearings feature a material that offers high durability for high-rpm operation, and a bearing coating that increases seizure resistance. In the cylinder, thick walls at the cylinder bores offer strong rigidity to match the high power of the engine, contributing to increased reliability.

Exhaust System

Heat-resistant titanium header pipes and silencer contribute to performance, long-lasting durability, light weight and mass centralisation.

Horizontal Back-link

Rear Suspension

This rear suspension arrangement offers excellent performance while contributing to mass centralisation. Linkage ratios offer almost linear feeling, which makes suspension adjustments easier to feel.

Electronic Throttle Valves

Electronic throttle valves allow the ECU to deliver the ideal amount of fuel and air to the engine. The system also enables more precise control of S-KTRC, as well as implementation of systems like KLCM and Kawasaki Engine Brake Control.

Lighter Crankshaft

Crankshaft has a low moment of inertia. This is – one of the most significant changes brought about by feedback from Kawasaki’s WSBK factory team – benefits the bike’s overall performance: acceleration, deceleration and cornering are all improved. Engine response is improved as the engine is able to spin up more quickly. Reducing the moment of inertia offers handling benefits as well.

Multi Function Mode Selector

The choice of Power Mode (3 modes), S-KTRC (5 modes + OFF, KQS, KLCM, KEBC functions are controlled using a multi-function button located at the left handle.

Balance Free Front Fork

Showa’s new BFRC lite (Balance Free Rear Cushion) shock unit is lighter and more compact than their earlier units. The new shock contributes to increased traction and superb shock-absorption performance

Titanium Muffler

Heat-resistant titanium header pipes and silencer contribute to performance, long-lasting durability, light weight and mass centralisation.

Aluminium twin-spar frame

Revised geometry care of a steering head moved closer to the rider, and a longer swingarm put more weight on the front for increased corner entry stability and confidence on the circuit.

Swingarm with optimised rigidity

Designed using Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic rigidity analysis and a from-the-outside-in approach, swingarm with optimised rigidity contributes to nimbler handling

Brembo Brake System

Dual high-spec Brembo M50 monobloc calipers gripping larger ø330 mm discs, specially prepared radial-pump master cylinder and race-quality steel-braided lines deliver next-level braking performance.

High Quality Rear Brake

At the rear a Brembo 220 mm diameter disc is slowed by a single-piston caliper. The disc’s round shape complements the round shape of the front Brembo discs. Steel-braided line is used for the rear brake as well, giving greater rider feedback.

Kawasaki Quick Shifter

Fitted standard, KQS helps riders maximise their acceleration on the circuit when needed by enabling them to shift gears while keeping the throttle fully open. Complementing the Ninja ZX-10R’s increased circuit potential, a contactless-type quick shifter enables quick upshifts for seamless acceleration.  The system detects that the shift lever has been actuated, and sends a signal to the ECU to cut ignition so that the next gear can be engaged without having to use the clutch. (Clutch use is recommended for downshifts.)

Kawasaki Launch Control

Designed to assist riders by optimising acceleration from a stop, KLCM electronically controls engine output to prevent wheelspin and minimise wheelies when launching.

  • Riders can choose from three modes, each offering a progressively greater level of intrusion.
  • Each mode allows the rider to launch from a stop with the throttle held wide open.

Kawasaki TRaction Control

Hybrid predictive/feedback-type evolution of the highly sophisticated traction control system helps riders push harder by maximising acceleration. 5 modes enable expert riders to get even more serious enjoyment on the circuit.

Engine Brake Control

This system allows riders to set engine braking according to personal preferences.

Lightweight 3-Spoke Wheels

One of the lightest OEM wheel designs in the market, the Ninja ZX-10R’s gravity-cast wheels with their 3-spoke design offer an excellent balance of light weight and rigidity.Screw-in type, aluminium side-facing tyre air valves ensure easy maintenance.

Electronic steering damper

Specially developed Öhlins electronic steering damper provides just the right amount of damping based on vehicle speed and degree of acceleration or deceleration. Revised settings were optimised for the racetrack and winding roads.

Aerodynamic Bodywork

Large upper cowl improves the aerodynamic performance of the machine-rider package, offering a lower coefficient of drag than the previous model. The wind protection offers reduced stress from wind blast and enables riders to change positions more smoothly as they set up for corner entry when riding.

Ram Air Intake System

Ram Air intake is positioned close to front of the bike (where air pressure is highest), contributing to air-box filling efficiency. Large 10L air-box allows a greater volume of intake air to be supplied to the engine.


Riding position has been set up to give the rider confidence both on and off the track. With the handlebars moved 7.5 mm closer to the rider, the riding position is a little more compact, offering riders greater flexibility to choose their position while riding.


More compact line-beam headlamp units match the new upper cowl design and enhance the bike’s imposing image.

  • LED-type (3-bulb) position lamp located at the top of the Ram Air duct.
  • Cowl-mounted mirrors feature integrated LED-type (2-bulb) turn signals.
  • The turn signals are connected via couplers, enabling easy mirror removal for trackday use.

Purposeful, Racey Styling

Based largely on the sleek curves of its predecessor, the Ninja ZX-10R’s purposeful new styling is distinctive, but easily recognisable. Fuller upper cowl and new screen provides optimal wind defection so that the rider can change position more smoothly while riding. High-quality fit and finish and superb attention to detail ensure the bike looks equally impressive up close.

24 Month Warranty

A 24 Month Unlimited Kilometre Warranty is standard on the  Ninja ZX-10R KRT Replica

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