2019 Ninja 650L KRT EDITION (LAMS)

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Learner Approved - Easy to Ride

Superbly balanced and extremely exciting, the 2019 Ninja 650L features a 650cc Parallel Twin engine with a strong low-mid range focus and a lightweight chassis in a slim, middleweight package. Supersport-like nimble handling, direct feel and strong acceleration are complemented by easy-to-manage power delivery and rider-friendly manoeuvrability, offering an ideal blend of sporty performance and everyday versatility sure to satisfy everyone from new to more experienced riders. Sharp styling strengthens its Ninja family image, reflecting its highly evocative character.

FUN - Highest Ride Excitement - Key Features

  • ABS brakes offer excellent performance and enhanced confidence in adverse conditions
  • Sharp, Ninja styling, the sleek body work includes sharp front cowl with strong resemblance to Kawasaki's supersports models.
  • Twin engine focused on achieving a throttle response that balanced a powerful feeling and a quick-revving character.
  • Light and nimble handling, benefiting from from a thoroughly redesigned chassis.
  • Horizontal Back-link rear suspension, linked suspension delivers a balance of sporty performance and ride comfort.
  • Assist and Slipper Clutch
  • Everyday versatility with an upright riding, low seat height, easy manoeuvrability and manageable power delivery give the Ninja 650L the versatility for daily riding, while its approachable nature welcomes riders of all skill levels.

Parallel-Twin Engine

Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve 649 cm³ Parallel Twin with fuel injection delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low and medium rpm ranges. Rider-friendly characteristics that facilitate control and inspire confidence in new riders. The engine settings favour speeds most used in everyday riding.

Assist & Slipper Clutch

A great rider assistance - the clutch uses two types of cams, an assist cam and a slipper cam. Resulting in a lighter clutch lever pull when operating the clutch and when excessive engine braking occurs – as a result of quick downshifts (or an accidental downshift) – the slipper cam comes into play to reduce back-torque and help prevent the rear tyre from hopping and skidding.

Cool Riding

Patented radiator fan cover directs hot air down and away from the rider, significantly increasing comfort when stuck in heavy traffic. Redirecting the heated air also helps keep the tank, frame and other parts that contact the rider cooler, further increasing rider comfort.

Trellis Frame

The frame weighs only 15 kg and contributes significantly to the bike’s light, nimble handling. Kawasaki's new in-house analysis technology was used to precisely determine the necessary pipe diameter, length and wall thickness to deliver the ideal lateral and torsional rigidity. This allowed unnecessary material to be trimmed, resulting in an extremely lightweight frame: a key to the new Ninja 650’s light, nimble handling.

Telescopic Forks

41 mm telescopic front forks handles the suspension duties up front.  Smooth and predictable front end handling for the Ninja 650L.

Rear Suspension

Horizontal Back-link rear suspension offers a progressive, smooth character. It delivers a balance of sporty performance and ride comfort. Rear suspension positions the shock unit and linkage above the swingarm. This arrangement contributes to mass centralisation, while ensuring that the suspension is located far enough from the exhaust that operation is not affected by heat.

Front Brakes

Dual 300 mm front petal disc brakes deliver plenty of braking power. Dual-piston front calipers, master cylinder and brake pads offer superb control. All Ninja 650 are fitted standard with front and rear ABS. Compact Bosch 9.1M ABS unit contributes to both weight and space savings.

Rear Brake

The rear 220 mm diameter petal disc brake combines with the dual front petal disc brakes to enhances the overall braking performance and sporty appearance.

5-Spoke Wheels

Stylish star-pattern 5-spoke wheels are light weight, and the high rigidity benefits handling. Silica-blend tyres offer both wet-weather performance and reduced rolling resistance, which contributes to the excellent fuel economy.


Upright position and fine-tuned rider triangle offer both control and comfort. 790 mm seat height accommodates riders spanning a wide range of heights, enabling them to ride with confidence. Separate, raised handlebars mounted to the upper triple clamp providing control and comfort.

Easy Ride

The footpeg position offers a relaxed knee bend for rider comfort. The narrow bike, allowing the rider to keep knees and feet close together. The rider's seat is slim at the front, facilitating easy reach to the ground. Rubber mounts on the seat bracket and handle bar clamps reduce vibration transfer to the rider.

Slim Fuel Tank

Slim fuel tank is positioned low in the chassis. In addition to contributing to the light, dynamic styling, the shape is easy to grip with the knees. Resin fuel tank cap has no visible bolts. The stylish design also contributes to weight reduction.

Ninja Styling

Sleek bodywork includes a sharp front cowl with a strong resemblance to Kawasaki’s Ninja supersport models.  The aggressive visage is complemented by slim, close-fitting bodywork designed to give the bike a light, nimble image.

Headlamp Design

Sharp dual headlamp design add to the Ninja 650 style. Effective low and high beam lights provide strong illumination for day or night riding.


Fairings use black pieces to draw the eye in a horizontal line, emphasising the length of the bike. Compact front turn signals are built into the fairing. Sharp front fender design features holes cut into the sides. Elegantly sculpted mirror stays positioned for excellent rearward visibility.

Tail Cowl

A Compact, upswept tail. Slim rear seat and under-seat storage with space for a U-lock. LED taillights form "X" pattern when activated. Luggage hooks are built into the passenger footpeg stays, providing convenient tie-down points. Attention given to detailed parts and care taken to ensure clean welding lines and that the electrical harness is hidden from view result in a high-quality finish.

Instrument Panel

Analogue tachometer flanked by warning lamps, a gear position indicator combined with a new shift up indicator lamp, multi-function LCD screen, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, remaining fuel range, current and average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, clock and the Economical Riding Indicator. The tachometer’s needle changes colour to indicate (rider-selectable) shift-up timing.

Adjustable Windshield

The windshield is adjustable, offering 3 positions with a total range of 60 mm.  Wind protection with Ninja Style

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