Hard Cab Enclosure, Roof

Hard Cab Enclosure, Roof

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The Hard Cab Roof only for Hard Cab enclosure kit.

  • Constructed of double wall TPO plastic with a steel framework
  • Two large fresh air vents on top portion of rear window of cab to help increase ventilation
  • Each door features lockable latches, sliding safety-glass side windows, and built-in mesh storage compartments for storage of small items
  • Doors are sold separately in sets of two
  • Hard Cab Enclosure required components include Hard Cab Enclosure Roof (99994-1407), Hard Cab Enclosure Rear Panel (KAF080-061), Hard Cab Enclosure Door Set (KAF080-062), and choice of windshield, KQR™ Full Windshield, Glass (KAF080-041), KQR™ Full Windshield, Plastic (KAF080-001), or Flip-Up Polycarbonate Windshield (99994-0753), all sold separately
  • Optional cab components such as Heavy-Duty Spring Set (99994-0514), Heater (KAF080-008),Side Mirror Set (KAF080-014), Beacon Strobe Light (KAF080-079), Cargo Light (KAF080-078), LED Dome Light (KAF080-035), Cabin Fan (KAF080-023), Heater (KAF080-008), Windshield Washer (KAF080-024), Windshield Wiper (KAF080-011), Accessory Fuse Box (KAF080-042), Front Accessory Harness (KAF080-043), and Rear Accessory Harness (KAF080-044) are also sold separately
  • Windshield Washer (KAF080-024) and Windshield Wiper (KAF080-011) not compatible with KQR™ Full Windshield, Plastic (KAF080-001)

Remove for towing or use an enclosed trailer when transporting a vehicle with a Hard Cab Enclosure installed

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Model Year

2021 ~ 2016

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