Matt Walters rocketed aboard his Kawasaki Connection Ninja ZX-10R to win the first race by a massive 3.96 seconds. Matt carried through to win the second race and finished the final race in a close second place. The 2013 ASC champion’s terrific performance granted him 1st place overall for the round.

“Our 2016 Ninja ZX-10R is getting better and better. Conditions weren’t the best today, the track was really hot but we made some adjustments to accommodate for that and it certainly worked. The development of the bike has come along leaps and bounds and it’s only getting stronger and stronger every time we ride it,” Matt commented.

Ben Burke of Kawasaki supported team SA Kawasaki BCperformance affirmed his rapport with the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R by securing a win in the 3rd Superbike race and placing 3rd overall for the round.

“I’m getting on with this bike a lot better than I did with the 2015 Ninja ZX-10R. It felt like the last one was a bit big for me and I couldn’t muscle it around but with the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R, I’m able to put it onto the track where I want to and I can actually push it to my limit,” said Burke.

Team mate, Robbie Bugden, wasn’t far behind in each race aboard his SA Kawasaki BCperformance 2016 Ninja ZX-10R with a promising 4th place overall.

“I made it hard for myself with the start in each race but I showed that I have the pace once we get into the laps. We just need to get through those first few laps a little bit quicker and we are working towards achieving that,” said the 32 year old experienced motorcycle racer.

Matt Walters, Ben Burk and Robbie Bugden - 2016 ASC - Ninja ZX-10R

Left to right - Ben Burke, Matt Walters and Robbie Bugden lining up at the podium

SA Kawasaki BCperformance’s Supersport effort paid dividends in the form of Kyle Buckley’s 1st place overall aboard his Ninja ZX-6R. Buckley dominated across the weekend with three race wins and a 2nd place.

“I think we have the Ninja ZX-6R sorted. We are starting to iron out a few things now that we are running slicks with the series this year. We have a lot more traction in the rear now which effects everything else so we are coming to grips with all of that now and we are playing catch-up with the bikes settings in the races which is fun,” said the modest 21 year old.

Kyle Buckley - 2016 ASC - Ninja ZX-6R

Kyle Buckley

Supersport team mate, Ryan Masri, showed promising results in his ASC Supersport debut. 6th place overall out of the field of 15 riders was a strong result after stepping up from the Kawasaki Insurances FX300 Ninja Cup to his Ninja ZX-6R in the Supersport class this year.

Kawasaki supported riders will be looking to maintain their leads at round 2 of the Australasian Superbike Championship held at Mallala Motorsport Park in South Australia on May 27th.

2016 Australasian Superbike Championship, Round 1 Superbike overall results:

Rnd 1Rnd 1
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Matthew WALTERS (NSW)125252273
2Michael BLAIR (NSW)020222062
3Ben BURKE (NSW)018182561
4Robbie BUGDEN (QLD)022201860
5Paul BYRNE (IRE)016161648
6Beau BEATON (NSW)012151542
7Mathew HARDING (NSW)015131341
8Brendan McINTYRE (NSW)014121137
9Liam WILKINSON (SA)013111236
10Jason IVKOVIC (SA)01191030
11Brad SWALLOW (NSW)00141428
12Evan BYLES (SA)0010010


2016 Australasian Superbike Championship, Round 1 Supesport overall results:

Rnd 1Rnd 1
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total
1Kyle BUCKLEY (NSW)12525252298
2Mitch LEVY (NSW)02222222086
3Cambridge OLIVIER (NSW)02020201878
4Mark CHIODO (VIC)01816182577
5Jordan CARLSSON (NSW)01615161461
6Ryan MASRI (NSW)01514131557
7Hayden SPINKS (NSW)01413141354
8Gregory THEARLE (NSW)01110111244
9Bernie RUSSELL (NSW)0109101039
10Warren GIBB (NT)0011121134
11Matthew SHIPP (NSW)013129034
12Benjamin LOUQHNAN (NSW)0988833
13Samuel MULDOON (NSW)000151631
14Keith FEELY (QLD)0877931
15Michael KNIGHT (NSW)012180030

Photo credit - Murray Sayle

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