Due to the current health environment most sport competitions around Australia and the world have come to a halt. Kawasaki Motors Australia recently asked some questions to Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team manager Kelvin Reilly to find out how he is keeping the team on track.

  1. Keeping the team motivated and unified when they are not racing.
    It's very unprecedented what is happening right now, its something that none of us are prepared for; foremost is keeping everyone safe and healthy, whether its our team, family or the general population, that's the main priority. My parents are elderly and currently in lockdown in the UK and that's something that is on my mind frequently. But as a team we have to band together, talking regular, we have a little group chat, its almost like the team has gone online! Instead of discussing whats for dinner tonight at the track, we are doing it via text message! I've been in regular contact with both Bryan and Glenn and all our team members regularly. Our team is like a little family and we are looking out for each-other. so that when we do return to the track we are all fit and healthy. The boys are still training like before and the team are in regular discussion about what to do when we are all back at a track together again.
  2. What does a team manager do when there is no racing?
    Apart from running the Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team we have a workshop in western Sydney catering for the everyday motorcyclist needs, this keeps me fairly busy!. With regards to the race team, I suppose the work never stops, our ZX-10RR's may not be whizzing around the track, but they are currently being prepared for when we do hit the track. Its funny I've always said that the preparation for next round starts the Monday after the previous round, and this i suppose this is no different. Again we all wish to be racing but at the forefront of our minds is keeping everyone safe and healthy.  Our retail side of the business is currently fairly busy preparing customer race bikes and general servicing, we have 2 guys carrying out all types of work from changing a tyre to full engine rebuilds. My job is to run the dyno, so I'm fairly hands on tuning bikes on the dyno, I've currently got a ZX-10RR in for a tune and then my next job is a cruiser! So i get to tune a broad range of bikes.
  3. Does the team continue doing research and development during this time?
    Yes 100%, we are hoping that we are back on track soon and that we can start where we left off. We had a really positive test at Wakefield Park before the temporary shutdown and we came away from that test with some ideas that we want to try, these are being actioned now and we look forward to seeing the results soon. From a broader perspective, currently the ZX-10RR's are being stripped, cleaned and checked before we hit the track again. Like we would do  normally during our winter break. I believe we will have a fairly condensed championship in the latter part of the year and we want to be in the best possible position when that happens.

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