World Enduro Champion, American GNCC Champion, ISDE Champion and 7 time Australian Off Road Champion Shane Watts flew back to Australia to conduct his famous and sold out Dirtwise Off-Road School over Easter. What bike did Shane Watts choose to ride to conduct his Dirtwise School on? A Kawasaki KX of course!

Considered by many to be Australia’s most successful and decorated Off Road and Enduro rider ever, Shane Watts has reached heights in his chosen profession that very few ever will. Now based in Colorado, USA, Watts flew back to Australia just before Easter due to ongoing demand for his Dirtwise Off-Road school. Upon arrival in Australia, Watts called Bryan Hands, Dealership Principal of Hands-On Kawasaki in Lilydale, Victoria to enquire about using a KX250F to conduct his schools on. For Bryan Hands, this decision was a no brainer.

Bryan Hands says, “To have a legend and Off-Road pioneer like Shane Watts choose to ride the Kawasaki KX250F speaks volumes about the bike, considering he could ride any bike that he likes. To see “Wattsy” put the KX250F through its paces and then get off with a smile from ear to ear was just great.”

And what did the man himself have to say about the KX? Watts says, “It’s a weapon. It’s light, nimble and tracks unbelievably well and just pulls all the way from the bottom right through. It’s awesome!”

Shane Watts has since returned to the USA after completing the school. Bryan Hands will have a KX ready for Watts whenever he is in town.

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