Vice World Champion in 2010, Livia Lancelot will be back on Kawasaki this year.

The 2008 Women World Champion signed a contract with Kawasaki Bud Racing.Livia has been involved in the Women Cup and later Women World Championship since the first race and has always finished on the podium of the series since 2005, except last season when she got injured while leading the Championship.

The series has always been organized alongside the MX1-MX2 GP’s, but next year will be different as the calendar of the Women World Championship has changed. Except the first MX1-MX2 GP in Bulgaria, the women will race with the MX3 series which has not the same coverage.

“Racing alongside the MX3 riders is not a real problem for me, but when you see the calendar then you understand that it will cost much more money to the riders. With the MX1 GP’s we had six or seven rounds in central Europe, next year the MX3 goes to Greece, Finland, and several East European countries which means more travelling for us” explained Livia who had not yet fixed her calendar.

“At the moment the French championship and the first Grand Prix in Bulgaria are in my program, as well as the X Games in the USA, but then I have to see how things will go including our budget.  Previously it was much easier as the fastest women were integrated in a team, now you need another truck to go to the races. I will be in my private team with another rider, Annabelle Simonet, and we’ll have the support of Bud Racing Kawasaki. We always had good relationship with Stephane Dassé and the Bud people, and I’m happy to be back on a Kawasaki."

"The last months have been pretty tough as it’s the first time in my career that I had to look for a rider and partners, but my motivation is still there and I’m already training and working with Jacky Vimond. Concerning the calendar I hope that I will be fixed in several weeks, I’m thinking about racing some rounds of the US series” continues Livia who will be racing next weekend the Supercross of Geneve (Switzerland).

Already involved in the World Motocross with three men - David Guarneri, Gregory Aranda and Dylan Ferrandis – the Bud squad will be impressive next season. “It’s the first time that we have a woman in our team, but in fact we have good connections with her since a while. She wanted to come back on a Kawasaki and that was a good opportunity for us to sign her, we are very happy about this deal.

Now we have to wait more for her complete program, at the moment she will race the first Grand Prix in Bulgaria, the French series and the X-Games in America. She will ride a KXF 250 with Showa suspensions, and we are already working on the development of the bike “said Stephan Dassé, the boss of the Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki team.

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