Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Dean Ferris showed awesome pace on his Red plated KX450F to finish on the podium at the 3rd round of the Australian Motocross Championship at Raymond Terrace, NSW on 10 April. Team mate Billy Mackenzie battled through the pain of a rib injury sustained at the previous round to finish inside the top ten taking 8th place while Phil Nicoletti rounded out the top 10 in the Lites class taking 10th after a second moto crash affected his chances of a stronger result for the round.

With his motorcycle wearing the Red plate for the first time in his career, Dean Ferris was brimming with confidence heading into the third round. Although he relinquished the series lead at Raymond Terrace, Ferris’s consistently strong results and outstanding speed will stand him in good stead throughout the Championship. Ferris grabbed a 3rd place finish in the first moto, backing that up with a dominating ride in the second where he led for almost the entire race. Four solid moto results all inside the top five, (3-2-2-5) gave Ferris 3rd for the round and positions him 2nd place in the Championship, just 9 points shy of the lead.

Dean Ferris with his Red Plated KX450F

A happy Dean Ferris says, “To be on the podium is great. That was my goal coming into this weekend. In the past I’ve been a bit of a time bomb, getting over confident, going too fast and crashing so to be on the podium again is a big step forward for me.”

“I think I might take this next week easy, have a bit of fun and ride my Jet Ski just to recover a little bit then I know I’ve got to do some solid work to improve my fitness. I think that’s where Josh (Coppins) got me on the last couple of laps in the two motos. I’m going to do some different training, mix it up and get fitter.”

Billy Mackenzie

An awkward race crash at Appin last weekend left Billy Mackenzie with a painful dislocated rib. Restricted to his bed and couch for the week, Mackenzie opted to suit up and race at Raymond Terrace, a decision that proved fruitful for the Scottish rider. Although he wasn’t battling for moto wins, the gutsy rider still managed three top ten finishes, taking valuable Championship points in a series with many more points still up for grabs. Mackenzie went 7-12-7-8 at Raymond Terrace to take 8th for the round. Although he slips back to 6th in the Championship, he sits only 12 points shy of the top three.

Billy Mackenzie

Billy Mackenzie says, “I crashed in the first moto at Appin and did something to my left shoulder. I was trying to play it down to myself, telling myself it was going to be alright but sleeping at night, getting up and around was actually really painful. I saw a guy who did the job right. A rib at the back was dislocated so he crunched and cracked and got it put back in. I tried to put it to the back of mind here today but after practise I stiffened up. My whole upper body was like a board. I just had to struggle and try and push through it today and try and get as many points as I can because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to run up front. It’s disappointing. It’s frustrating. It was a difficult day.”

Phil Nicoletti

A strong 3rd place finish in the first Lites moto got Phil Nicoletti’s race day off to a cracking start. However a second moto crash that put him to the back of the pack prevented him from capitalising on the strong result from the previous race. Nicoletti came away with 3-23-7-12 for 10th for the round and 7th for the Championship.

A disappointed Phil Nicoletti says, “I never really got rolling today. I’m down a lot of points…I just struggled today, I don’t really know what else to say. I’m disappointed. We’ve got a lot of stuff we need to try in the next three weeks and I think that will do wonders for me. We’ll get the bike good and get me good again. I’m a bit depressed but will hopefully feel a lot better tomorrow.”

Ferris on the podium

Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager, Troy Carroll says, “We had a pretty successful day with Dean. He was up there all day and challenged Coppins for the win for most of the races. Billy Mackenzie was still feeling the pain from last week so it was a tough day for him. He lost points in the Championship but he’ll fight back. We know what we have to do from here and we’ll go for it.”

Troy Carroll and Mackenzie\'s KX450F

Monster Energy Kawasaki has a four week hiatus from racing however they’ll still be extremely busy. While the riders will be practising and training, Troy Carroll and the mechanics head over to the USA on Wednesday to meet with Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit where they’ll further develop and improve the Kawasaki KX race bikes. The 4th round of the Championship is at Murray Bridge, SA on 8 May.

(Image credit: Rice Photography)

Monster Energy Kawasaki

2011 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals
Round 3 Results:

Pro Open
1. Josh Coppins, Yamaha 94
2. Jay Marmont, Yamaha 81
4. Daniel Reardon, KTM 69
5. Cheyne Boyd, Honda 67
6. Lawson Bopping, Suzuki 67
7. Michael Phillips, Honda 50
9. Beau Ralston, Yamaha 36
10. Ryan Marmont, JDR Motorex KTM 35

Pro Lites
1. Matt Moss, KTM 97
2. Brenden Harrison, KTM 74
3. Daniel McCoy, Suzuki 63
4. Kade Mosig, Honda 60
5. Keiron Hall, Honda 60
6. Kirk Gibbs, Yamaha 59
7. Cody Mackie, Honda 59
8. Justin McDonald, Honda 58
9. Josh Cachia, KTM 45


Championship Standings (after 3 of 9 rounds):
Pro Open
1. Josh Coppins 228
3. Jay Marmont 199
4. Cheyne Boyd 190
5. Lawson Bopping 188
7. Ryan Marmont 163
8. Michael Phillips 163
9. Daniel Reardon 142
10. Louis Calvin 132
Pro Lites
1. Matt Moss 277
2. Kirk Gibbs 192
3. Brenden Harrison 185
4. Cody Mackie 179
5. Daniel McCoy 174
6. Josh Cachia 169
8. Kade Mosig 159
9. Keiron Hall 153
10. Ford Dale 149

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