Billy Mackenzie’s trademark good starts and lightning fast corner speed served the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider well once again at the final round of the 2011 Monster Energy Super X Championship at Ipswich. In his first full season of serious Supercross racing, Mackenzie rode extremely well throughout the 20 lap main event and was unlucky not to finish the round on the podium. Mackenzie rocketed out of the gates into 2nd place and held onto that position through half of the race. Mackenzie was passed mid race and fought hard for a podium finish but a tiny error in the final stages of the moto allowed Kawasaki mounted Chris Blose to pass with Mackenzie coming away with 4th for the moto and 4th overall for the Championship.

Billy Mackenzie says,” I was just happy to get a bit of momentum, albeit at the last round. I felt good out there, the track was a bit larger scale and that suited me better, I was able to carry some corner speed and the bike was working good, I felt connected with the bike. It was just a bit disappointing I couldn’t get my mojo working earlier in the Supercross season. I should’ve held onto 3rd place tonight but I kept messing a section up towards the end but I feel happy. Definitely a lot happier than the previous couple of rounds so I’ll take the positives from it and I’m looking forward to having a good year next year.”


The crowd were quick to their feet during the Man vs Man racing before the main event when Kawasaki riders Billy Mackenzie and Chris Blose got up close and personal mid race. In response to the coming together, Billy Mackenzie says, “I don’t mind getting a bit close but he came in and wiped us both out. It was just a bit dangerous making those kinds of passes so I got angry and got up and pushed him, we had a man v man in the middle of the track and said a lot of words to each other but nothing was done. We remained professional and I got on my bike quickly and rode off and won the race.”


In his final race with Monster Energy Kawasaki before heading off to race with Kawasaki GP team Ice One Racing in Europe in 2012, Lites rider Dean Ferris experienced a luckless night in Ipswich. Struggling from an average start, Ferris had to fight from mid pack, gradually working his way to 6th place before a crash on the final lap pushed him back to 9th for the round. Ferris’s 8th place finish overall was not indicative of his good speed throughout the series with the talented Lites rider enjoying multiple race wins throughout the 5 round series.


Dean Ferris says, “It wasn’t really how I wanted it to go. I wanted to win the Championship but after the second round where I DNF’ed it, it was kinda out of reach, then I had another bad round at Campbelltown. From there I just focussed on winning motos and I got on the podium last week, that was cool, that was my first ever Supercross podium. It would’ve been nice to get a win tonight and go out on a high but it didn’t happen and I now look forward to bigger and better things. I gained a lot more confidence and grew up a lot this year so that should help me in the World Championship. I’d really like to thank Monster Energy Kawasaki and all of the sponsors for their support throughout this year.”


They call her Mad Meg but there is really nothing mad to what she does. The only girl competing in the Under 19’s class at Super X, 16 year old Kawasaki rider Meghan Rutledge turns up to each round with a serious amount of practise hours and training under her belt, an unquenchable desire to succeed…..and a smile on her face. That determination and talent has paid dividends for Meghan with a legion of new fans gathered throughout the series and a new sponsorship arrangement with Monster Energy for 2012. Pitting with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team throughout the 2011 series, Meghan achieved her series goal of making it through to race the main events. After a big crash at Campbelltown where she was landed on top of by another bike, Meghan showed incredible courage by lining up to race at the final round at Ipswich where she again rode her KX250F all the way to the final.


Meghan Rutledge says, “It was awesome tonight. I had a good round and made the final. I stayed on the bike and had fun. Kawasaki has been working on my bike throughout the year and I just appreciate it so much so a huge shout out to those guys. I can’t wait to race with Kawasaki next year.”

Reflecting on the 2011 Super X season, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Troy Carroll says, “Supercross was a relatively new experience for both Billy and Dean this year and they both experienced moments of brilliance throughout the series however consistency prevented them from achieving their potential. We wish Dean all the best on his journey forwards as he goes overseas to challenge for a World Championship. It was great for Billy to end his Supercross season on a high note. Tonight’s result has to be gratifying for him.”

“I’d personally like to thank the whole Monster Energy Kawasaki team and all of our sponsors for their involvement in 2011. We look forward to an even better season next year.”


With the 2011 racing season drawing to a close, Monster Energy Kawasaki look forward to some R&R, but not before preparation is completed on the 2012 rider’s bikes. Monster Energy Kawasaki will be back fighting for MX & SX Championships with a new, soon to be announced rider line up in 2012.

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