Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dean Ferris won two of the four motos at the second round of 2011 Australian Motocross Championship at Appin on Sunday 3 April to move into the Championship lead, just 2 points ahead of his team mate, Billy Mackenzie. Lites rider Phil Nicoletti found his rhythm at Appin, winning his final two motos to take 3rd overall for the day and moving into 4th place in the Championship.

Monster Energy Kawasaki pits

Perhaps it was a burst of Monster Energy, or the Moroccan spiced beef kebabs that the Monster Energy Kawasaki chef served up for lunch. Whatever it was, the Monster Energy Kawasaki riders turned an average morning into an exceptional afternoon with the team winning every moto they raced in after the lunch break.

Dean Ferris

After qualifying in 4th place, Dean Ferris had a tough first race with a crash putting him at the back of the pack. Ferris managed to push himself to 10th place by the time the chequered flag came out. Things looked up for the second race when Ferris fought his way to the lead in the early stages of the race however a collision with a lapped rider meant he had to settle for 6th place. After lunch, Ferris came out firing in the third moto grabbing the lead early in the first lap and never relinquishing it to take the moto win. Another win in the final moto and Ferris’s 10-6-1-1 results handed the young Monster Energy Kawasaki rider 2nd place for the round but more importantly, the 2011 Championship lead.

An excited Dean Ferris says, “It’s a dream come true. I’ve been dreaming about a Red plate for four years since I started the Nationals and having that now gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t want to give it up. I really want to keep it til the end but it’s going to be tough, there’s a lot of good riders. I’ve got to stay consistent and pull out some moto wins when I can and see how it pans out.”

Billy mackenzie

Billy Mackenzie had a round that he’s quickly putting behind him. Taking the Championship leading red plate with him to Appin, Mackenzie was on the pace early qualifying in 2nd place. Grabbing the hole-shot in the opening moto. Mackenzie worked himself into a comfortable lead until a crash sent him to the back of the field. Crashes throughout all four motos saw Mackenzie playing catch up for most of the day. His 8-10-5-13 results gave him 8th for the day and puts him back a place to 2nd in the Championship behind teammate Ferris.

Billy Mackenzie says, “I’ve had such a weird day. I’ve been riding really well. I felt really comfortable on the bike, my fitness has been great, I was strong til the end of every moto but I was just on the ground more times than I really would have liked to have been. There’s not really any reason for it, I was just getting caught out. The track was really tricky today. They say you make your own luck but I don’t know, something was going wrong today.”

“I’d like to think that this will be my only bad round of the series. I’ll make sure I work hard so I don’t have another one like this. At least Kawasaki are still 1,2 in the Championship.”

Phil Nicoletti

Lites rider Phil Nicoletti turned a dreadful morning into an outstanding afternoon. After a crash in the first moto that resulted in 8th and a DNF in the second moto, the young New-Yorker appears to have found a good set-up for his KX250F, coming out after lunch and winning the final two motos of the day. Nicoletti’s 8-DNF-1-1 was good enough to get him on the podium, taking 3rd for the round and moving him into 4th place in the Championship.

A happy Phil Nicoletti says, “I went for a walk by myself after the first two motos and figured I needed to get my stuff together. It was a rough beginning to the day but the team worked with me to get the bike good for the third and fourth moto and we came out and did what we had to do.”

When asked about his game plan for next week, Nicoletti says, “To win! I’m over not winning anymore. 3rd was good today. It’s definitely pointing in the right direction. The plan is to go 1-1-1-1.”


Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Troy Carroll remarks on what was in the end, a positive day for the team saying, “It was a really bad start to the day. The riders weren’t feeling the track. At lunch time we had a good talk to the boys and changed the bikes up a little bit and they went out there and it was an amazing afternoon for both Dean and Phil. Billy had some bad luck today, he wasn’t himself. We know his spirit, we know what he’s like and I can guarantee he’s going to come back next weekend and be at the front again.”

Mackenzie\'s KX450F with Red plate

There’s mot much time for rest for Monster Energy Kawasaki with the 3rd round of the series taking place this Sunday 10 April. The team heads to Raymond Terrace, NSW happy and motivated with their riders positioned 1 and 2 in the Championship.

Dean Ferris

2011 Australian MX Nationals
Round 2 Results - Appin:

Pro Open
1. Josh Coppins, Yamaha 80
2. Dean Ferris, Monster Energy Kawasaki 76
3. Jay Marmont, Yamaha 71
4. Michael Phillips, Honda 69
5. Ryan Marmont, KTM 60
6. Cheyne Boyd, Honda 54
7. Lawson Bopping, Suzuki 51
8. Billy Mackenzie, Monster Energy Kawasaki 48
9. Louis Calvin, KTM 47
10. Lewis Woods, KTM 42
Pro Lites
1. Matt Moss,  KTM 86
2. Kirk Gibbs, Yamaha 78
3. Phil Nicoletti, Monster Energy Kawasaki 63
4. Cody Mackie, Honda 60
5. Daniel McCoy, Suzuki 59
6. Ford Dale, Yamaha 58
7. Josh Cachia, KTM 58
8. Luke Styke , Yamaha 54
9. Keiron Hall, Honda 53
10.Kade Mosig, Honda 50
Championship Standings (after 2 of 9 rounds):
Pro Open
1. Dean Ferris, Monster Energy Kawasaki 139
2. Billy Mackenzie, Monster Energy Kawasaki 137

3. Josh Coppins 134
4. Ryan Marmont 128
5. Cheyne Boyd 123
6. Lawson Bopping 121
7. Jay Marmont 118
8. Michael Phillips 113
9. Louis Calvin 99
10. Cody Cooper 96
Pro Lites
1  Matt Moss 180
2  Kirk Gibbs 133
3  Josh Cachia 124
4  Phil Nicoletti, Monster Energy Kawasaki 120
5 Cody Mackie 120
6  Brenden Harrison 111
7  Daniel McCoy 111
8 Ford Dale 107
9 Luke Styke 100
10  Kade Mosig 99

Monster Energy Kawasaki team Transporter

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