Exceptional rider and bike pressentation, dedication to racing, consistency and great sportsmanship are characteristics that attributed to the riders being selected by Mackay Kawasaki for their 2015 supported junior rider team.

Dale and Vicky Burgess of Mackay Kawasaki say, 'We believe these young Kawasaki riders have the right attitude to represent Mackay Kawasaki and Kawasaki Motors Australia. They always give it their all on the track and love their Kawies, so we felt they deserved some help and support. We are proud to have them as part of our Mackay Kawasaki Junior Support Team 2015".

The 2015 junior team consists of:

Arran Humphrey’s           #A14       KX85     - Mackay

Jake Duthie                     #J12      KX85      - Mackay

Daniel Pearson                #200      KX65      - Mackay

Bailey Anderson               #273      KX65      - Moranbah

Mackay Kawasaki is located on the coner of Heaths Rd & Windmill Crossing, North Mackay QLD 4740.

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