After landing the 360 Heel Clicker in the Newcastle stop of Freestyle Kings LIVE, Lance Russell wanted to work on something new for the remaining events. Utilising the new foam pit, he put in the hard yards and attempted the Flat Spin Superman.

With thousands of fans attending Toowoomba, QLD the plan was for Lance to complete the new trick. The Toowoomba weather had other ideas, fighting 40km winds during the day and heavy dew settling in on the ramps at night, it turned into a fight for survival and was deemed unsafe to push limits. The entire Freestyle Kings team still put on an amazing show and gave the fans two and a half hours of non-stop entertainment!

The next adventure carried on to Rockhampton, QLD - producing a sell out crowd! “No matter where we ride outdoors, the weather is going to be against us, so we have to adapt. Rockhampton had us fighting 25kmph winds, which isn’t ideal, but it definitely didn’t hold us back!” - Lance recalls.

"After our usual media duties, it was time to prepare for the event. I took to the course and chose which ramp I wanted to ride in Best Whip and Best Trick. The plan is always to win, so I never hold back and make sure I give it everything I got”.

The event starts off as a show, having riders perform in a choreographed fashion. Introducing rider by rider, trick by trick, even jumping side by side (also known as the mirror section). With riders pushing themselves in the show itself, the competition phase is always on their minds. “As I am riding the show, I am mentally preparing for the competitions, testing conditions as I ride, even working up to the bigger tricks, essentially warming up for what I have to do”.

“When Best Whip came around, I gave it everything I had, again. It was looking promising, turning the bike backwards in the air and getting it straight again. Unfortunately, on my third last jump of the competition I landed on the back brake, which made we slide out and land elbows first into the ground. Which was totally fine, but it took me out of the rest of the competition.”

"I then had to make sure the KX450 was in tiptop shape, adjust levers and give a maintenance check over the bike. Once that was completed, I was straight back on, lining up for the Best Trick competition. I was pretty shaken up! Counting down the riders, until it was my turn to go was really nerve-racking. When I heard my name called out, I rolled out to the jump fully committed.”

“As I turned the throttle up the ramp, I could just feel myself not follow the normal steps I do into the foam pit. Rather than doing a Flat Spin, I ended up flipping straight back with my handlebars turned. As I did the Superman, I was already disappointed I didn’t get the spin I needed. This got me instantly frustrated as I landed and rode away. After the winner was announced - Jake May, for doing a Double Backflip - I immediately proceeded to finish off the show with the all in Train, where every rider jumps together, following one another.”

"On the third and final lap doing this, all the riders stopped, bunched up, ready to do their Best Tricks to finish off the night. I yelled out to some of the riders ‘I’m going last!!’, which they knew straight away I would be trying the trick again haha. Using the frustration of not doing the trick properly the first time, I followed the huge line of 12 riders, then turned sideways as much as I could from the take off ramp. I felt the bike spin sideways and flat, then jumped off for the Superman!”

“As I looked up, I was completely facing nose down and at ninety degrees sideways, only two metres away from the landing. Instincts kicked in and I brought the nose up, spun the bike straight and rode away from my first ever successful attempt of a Flat Spin Superman! Words can't describe that feeling, it’s literally moments like that you remember for a lifetime and why I love riding dirt bikes!”

“After the show I learnt the main RED Epic camera used to film the event, ran out of battery just before the final train where I landed the trick. I then went hunting for anyones iPhone footage, which resulted in only one shot, where I come in just before I land, missing the entire trick haha! Doesn’t get any unluckier than that, but on the upside, it just means I have to do the trick again!!”

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