This July, our Kawasaki supported rider Lance Russell, participated to the world class training at Bundaberg, QLD, given by Clinton Moore, the former FMX World Champion. This training gave Lance the occasion to be personally trained by Clinton on his foam pit!

Even if his Kawasaki 2018 KX450 is a stock standard, Lance really appreciated the ability of the Kawasaki bike to adapt to all types of training's, pushing its limits to professional riding.

What are you doing in Bundaberg?

"I had the opportunity to train with former FMX World Champion Clinton Moore, at his world class training compound in Bundaberg QLD. I stayed with Clinton for over a week as he taught me one on one into his huge foam pit."

What were you riding?

"I was riding the 2018 KX450 in Bundaberg. It’s great to know, no matter what year model bike we ride, they are all perfectly capable to be pushed to the absolute limits of professional riding when they are stock standard."

What tricks were you working on?

"The goal of this trip was to have Clinton help me to perform the 360/Flat Spin. This is one of the hardest tricks to learn in Freestyle Motocross."

How did you go?

"This was a hugely successful trip! I feel like I have skipped months of learning, just by the advice given by Clinton. I was really happy with the 360’s I did into the foam pit and now it’s time to head home and do these to dirt!"

Let me know if you need more info!

"At home, we’re actually building our own foam pit and getting our huge airbag too!" - Lance Russell

This trip was a huge success and Lance is now ready to practice those 360's on his own!



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