Due to the current health environment most sport competitions around Australia and the world have come to a halt. Competitors have to keep on their game ready for whenever they can resume. Kawasaki Motors Australia recently asked some questions to Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team rider Bryan Staring to find out how he is keeping fit and active.

  1. Are you in lockdown currently or have you been affected?
    Bryan Staring - Luckily, No, but I narrowly avoided lockdown by returning to WA from a motorcycling coaching event in QLD. I'm grateful to have missed the lockdown sanction.
  2. What do you eat for breakfast?
    Bryan Staring - My amazing partner Jemmie bakes her own granola for me with home made almond milk. It includes pecans, cashews, pepitas, sunflower seeds, almond meal, cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut oil and honey. Yes, I am very lucky 🙂
  3. What is your daily fitness routine
    Bryan Staring - For me the daily routine always starts on the bicycle in the morning. Mostly very early and could be either road bike or mountain bike. Some days I'll include the gym or yoga class of an afternoon.
  4. Do you have a favourite YouTube channel you watch to stay in contact with racing?
    Bryan Staring - I generally like the news and documentaries.
  5. Best music to listen to when working out?
    Bryan Staring- I like to let the gym choose, I'll mostly listen to podcasts until I'm brain dead then switch to fast paced music while I'm cycling
  6. Favourite TV/Streaming show to watch in your down time?
    Bryan Staring - I loved the F1 series on Netflix, but an ugly truth is that I enjoy the Bachelor, I like all the personalities at the start of the event.
  7. What is your least favourite training exercise?
    Bryan Staring - Probably the gym. It is a chore for me, but I get it done. I am mostly working on strength maintenance for old injuries.
  8. How do you maintain a positive mindset when the racing has been suspended?
    Bryan Staring- I guess we'll see. It is a very scary time for most Australians, myself included. I have a lot of positive things in my life and some other targets to focus on. My training will continue because I love it, not because I need it. I think exercise itself makes life better. My attitude will be to focus on what can be achieved with the time, not the doom and gloom of the situation.
  9. What 3 motorcycles are on the top of your list to build a dream garage?
    Bryan Staring - Eli Tomac's Factory KX450F, 2020 Z H2 and a bigger budget to spend on my current 2006 KX125.
  10. Do you participate in any other sports?
    Bryan Staring - yes, cycling. I am the WA state Cross Country mountain bike champion and winner of Perth's summer criterium cycling series. I love competing at club/state level in all forms of cycling.

Be sure to follow Bryan Staring @BryanStaringRacing on Facebook and @bryan_staring_67 on Instagram.

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