Due to the current health environment most sport competitions around Australia and the world have come to a halt. This means competitors have to keep on their game ready for whenever they can resume. Kawasaki Motors Australia recently asked some questions to Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team rider Glenn Scott to find out how he is keeping fit and active.

  1. Are you in lockdown currently or have you been affected?
    Glenn Scott - Luckily, not at this stage, I still have the family company operating.
  2. What do you eat for breakfast?
    Glenn Scott - Standard is a cup of coffee and toast with boiled egg.
  3. What is your daily fitness routine
    Glenn Scott - For me its either, hit the trails on my Kawasaki KX450 after work, go for a run or hit the home gym.
  4. Do you have a favourite YouTube channel you watch to stay in contact with racing?
    Glenn Scott - Well I have pretty well the entire 2019 Moto GP season recorded on foxtel so that’s keeping the addiction at bay for the moment and enjoy watching the Supercross also.
  5. Best music to listen to when working out?
    Glenn Scott - Rob zombie
  6. Favourite TV/Streaming show to watch in your down time?
    Glenn Scott - Currently into the show, Power.
  7. What is your least favourite training exercise?
    Glenn Scott - Got to be sit ups for me.
  8. How do you maintain a positive mindset when the racing has been suspended?
    Glenn Scott - I try to get outside, ride my Kawasaki KX450 and go 4 Wheel Driving.
  9. What 3 motorcycles are on the top of your list to build a dream garage?
    Glenn Scott - Kawasaki KX500 / NSR 500 / cafe racer with a KX500 engine
  10. Do you participate in any other sports?
    Glenn Scott - Unfortunately no, not much time left in my weeks for more sport haha

Be sure to follow Glenn Scott @GlennScottRacing on Facebook and @GlennScott68 on Instagram.

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