Takeshi demonstrated his experience as he chose favourable lines and rode consistently to creep past the race leaders after starting the first moto outside the top five. In the final laps, Takeshi unleashed his KX250F and charged across the finish line in first place for the first time in the 2015 MX Nationals series.

“It was hard for me today. In the last round at Raymond Terrace I went down in the second race and hurt my ribs, so for me to come out here and get a win is a real achievement. In the first race I had better lines than everyone else and I told myself to keep calm and stay on track with my game plan,” Takeshi commented.

Takeshi was unable to replicate his race win in the second moto as he navigated through the deeply formed ruts. 5th place in the second moto resulted in a triumphant 2nd place overall for the round.

“The results in the second moto weren’t what I was looking for after a win in the first race. The track was pretty rough out there so I struggled getting the same lines as in that first race. The ruts were getting too deep so I was more just trying to stay on the bike than anything else. But you know, I’m still comfortable with where I am overall and how I’m performing and I got a second place overall, so I’m happy with that. We’ve got 3 rounds to go so I just want to keep on the bike and stay consistent,” said Takeshi Katsuya.

Takeshi Katsuya

Takeshi Katsuya

Takeshi Katsuya is looking forward to round 8 of the MX Nationals on 2ndAugust held in Nowra, where he will begin to close in on the championship title, being only 19 championship points away from the series leader.

Takeshi Katsuya

 Takeshi Katsuya

Motul MX2 round 7 overall points:

1) Caleb Ward 62
2)Takeshi Katsuya 61
3) Jay Wilson 60
4) Luke Clout 59
5) Nathan Crawford 58
6) Jed Beaton 49
7) Dylan Wills 49
8) Luke Arbon 48
9) Riley Graham 43
10) Wade Hunter 41

Motul MX2 championship standings:

1) Jay Wilson 403
2) Luke Clout 397
3) Takeshi Katsuya 384
4) Jed Beaton 349
5) Wade Hunter 329
6) Luke Arbon 327
7) Caleb Ward 311
8) Nathan Crawford 292
9) Geran Stapleton 277
10) Dylan Wills 273

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