The highly anticipated track day gave like-minded Kawasaki enthusiasts the opportunity to ride their pride and joy on a race track at their own pace and at an affordable price. Kawasaki Technicians were on-hand to assist with enquiries while Pirelli offered tyre services on the day and McLeod Accessories displayed the latest range of Shoei, SIDI and DriRider riding gear. Kawasaki Merchandise was also made available through local Kawasaki dealership, Ultimate Motorbikes from Ipswich, who joined in on the day.

The QLD weather did not disappoint as Kawasakis in all shapes and sizes flooded the stop-start style circuit under clear blue skies. Kawasaki Team Green Australia members were given the chance to test ride various members of the Ninja family including the mighty Kawasaki Ninja H2, Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja ZX-6R ABS 636, Ninja 300 & Ninja 650L.

Before mounting the supercharged Ninja H2, Thomas Doerfling said, “I’m expecting it to pull like a 14yr old with a credit card! That’s what I’m expecting and that’s what I’m hoping.” After a handful of laps, Thomas smiled and nodded excessively saying, “It goes pretty dam good. It just keeps pulling and pulling and pulling! I’d love to have test rode it without the traction control on but it was good fun on the track. It goes great! I love the sound of the wastegate going off all the time and carrying on.”

Thomas Doerfling

Thomas Doerfling before he rode the Ninja H2

Brett Shaw, another Kawasaki Team Green Australia member, was blown away after his test ride of the fire breathing Ninja H2, saying, “Absolutely awesome, like seriously. It is an absolute rocket ship. Absolutely insane and beautiful. Awesome, thanks guys.”

Brett Shaw

Brett Shaw after his ride on the Ninja H2

The variety of Kawasaki enthusiasts and motorcycles was broad, including everything from a ZRX1200R to Australia’s bestselling road motorcycle, the Ninja 300 and the race track pedigree Ninja ZX-10R’s.

Kawasaki ZRX1200R owner, Josh Beardmore, shared the story of how he came to own his motorcycle saying “I’ve had my ZRX1200R for about 8 years now. I didn’t buy it from new but it only had 12,000 kilometres on it. I had a ZX- 6 (636) before this and when it came time to move on from that, I test rode a bunch of bikes. When I test rode the ZRX1200R I was just spoiled from there! Other bikes I rode couldn’t compare! My favourite thing about this bike is that it is so versatile. There is a large following for this particular bike in the U.S. There are a lot of guys there that turn them into café racers or use them for touring. I’ve got more of a sports bike set up happening. I’ve done a bit of work to it including an overbore kit, Yoshimura cams, Yoshimura carburettors, full titanium exhaust, different ignition system, big radiator, different wheels and brakes and a few more things here and there. I love looking at the classical Kawasakis and I have a big passion for them. I’ve taken the bike to Lakeside Park Raceway which was a bit of fun, it’s a lot of bike to be moving around a tight track but it’s just for the fun of it really,” Josh said.

Josh Beardmore

Josh Beardmore and his ZRX1200R

Kirsty Hall took her Ninja 300 onto the track for her first ever track day experience saying, ‘First time on the track and really enjoying it! This is my baby and actually today is our three month anniversary. I was looking at other models at first and they were a bit heavy. Once I sat on the Ninja 300 it felt really comfortable and it fit me well plus I was drawn to the look of it. I’ve only added a rear seat cowl, a fender eliminator and exhaust bracket but I’ve got a few more things in the pipeline,” Kristy said.

Kirsty Hall with her Ninja 300

Kirsty Hall with her Ninja 300

A 1998 Kawasaki ZX9R C1 was Antony Van Der Kruyssen’s track bike of choice saying, “This is my third track day and I’m loving it. It’s fantastic and their needs to be more of these Kawasaki events! Bikes are a freedom machine, nothing more about it.“

Antony Van Der Kruyssen

Antony Van Der Kruyssen with his Kawasaki ZX9R C1

Kawasaki Team Green Australia members can look forward to more Track Ride Day events in the future. To find out more, sign up and become a Kawasaki Team Green Australia member for free at www.kawasaki.com.au/kawasaki-team-green-australia

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