Takeshi Katsuya of the Sony Action Cam Kawasaki Racing Team is sitting in 3rd place on the MX2 leader board after he took 2nd in Moto 1 and 3rd in Moto 2 over the weekend.

“I came in this year planning to win each round but my main goal was to hit at least the top 5 over this weekend so I am happy with the results and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series”, said Takeshi who had never ridden the Horsham track before.

“My suspension and engine was at 100 percent and my tyres worked really well. Yukio Sugimoto, my team mechanic has flown out from Japan and we tested the bikes early this year to make sure we had everything prepared well before the first round”, commented the Japanese Lites champion.

“The track was rough and fast and it is my style of track. I am used to longer motos where I can rely on my pace to get me in the lead so I need to pick up my starts and I know that I will be able to keep up there with the young guys”, said Takeshi who will come out swinging at the next round.

MXN15 RD1 MX2 Takeshi Katsuya

Takeshi Katsuya

Also supported by Kawasaki in the MX2 class this year is team Proformance Kawasaki Racing.

“Today we were able to set up for the first time with the truck and team and everything worked well which we are happy about”, said team manager Travis Whitten.

Riders Dylan Leary finished the first round in 14th overall and Alex Morris finished in 20th place.

MXN15 RD1 MX2 Alex Morris

Alex Morris

“Moving forward we will review our data-loggers to see what we can apply. The guys finished with consistent results in each race which is a good sign and we are going to push ahead in the next round”, commented Travis.

Round 2 of the Australian MX Nationals will be held at Appin in NSW on April 12th 2015.

MX2 overall results:
1. Jed Beaton 65
2. Luke Clout 63
3. Takeshi Katsuya 62
4. Jay Wilson 60
5. Nathan Crawford 51
6. Wade Hunter 46
7. Dylan Wills 46
8. Caleb Ward 45
9. Luke Arbon 44
10. Riley Graham 44

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