Kawasaki supported rider Lance Russell and his signature tail whip were invited to compete in the X Games 2018 held in Sydney, where torrential rains didn’t dampen his spirit. Lance was selected for the final round of the Moto X Best Whip on his Kawasaki KX450F.

“I’ve been known for doing big Whips for many years” Lance says, excited by his achievement. Competing at the X Games was Lance’s last career goal for the year, and he was stoked to be there.

Practice was cancelled for two days prior to the X Games, which forced Lance as well as fellow Kawasaki rider Axell Hodges to move their practice to Lance’s home compound.

When Lance himself took the course on Saturday though, he felt confident in his and KX450F’s performance. Unable to hold back the adrenaline, he pushed his limits to a soft landing. “I instantly knew I broke my ribs and that I was going to be in a lot of pain for the main competition” Lance disclosed. “Every movement I felt a stabbing pain that took my breath away. Every whip and every landing was agony.”

This didn’t stop Lance from being selected for the final round, and with steel determination he pushed through his next jump. After his final whip, Lance learned during the final interview that he’s placed 5th in the X Games.

“To compete in the X Games is every FMX rider’s dream. I am literally living my childhood dream” he confesses.

Lance praised his bike for being able to carry his spirit through to 5th place. He remarked that the frame of the bike enables his ability to whip the way he does.

“The Kawasaki’s were without a doubt the best bikes at the competition. Even the sound of the KX450F’s stood out by far among the pack” Lance says.

“Nothing can compare to the feeling of riding in the X Games I am so grateful for the support by Kawasaki Motors Australia to get me there! I couldn’t do it without them and the high performance of the KX450F”.

Photography by Made Social - Matt McFerran

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