The team excelled throughout the series with particularly impressive results in the stock Jet Ski racing class where the Kawasaki Ultra 310R made short work of its competitors in both Enduro and Closed Course settings.

2015 Australian Jetcross Championship - overall Kawasaki results:

1st and 2nd in Enduro Showroom Stock Runabout - Cameron Martin 1st & Dane Alberti 2nd

1st and 2nd in Enduro Open Runabout - Christian D’ Agostin 1st & Jamie Eade 2nd

1st and 3rd in Showroom Stock Runabout - Closed Course - Dane Alberti 1st, Cameron Martin 3rd

4th & 6th in Pro Open - Closed Course - Jamie Eade 4th &Christian D’ Agostin 6th

Dane Alberti with his series trophies. Photo credit - OZPWC.com

Team Manager Jamie Eade who is also the dealer principal of Brisbane Kawasaki Jet Skis said, “I am extremely proud of every single member of the team. Big hats off to everyone as they definitely earned their keep throughout the season. We have been fortunate enough to race the Kawasaki Jet Ski’s this season and to prove that stock machines are championship winning products really reinforces our support to the brand through our dealership”.


Brisbane Kawasaki Racing Team and their trophy haul. Photo credit - OZPWC.com


Manufacturer’s stock enduro champion, Cameron Martin, said “After some strong competition all year I managed to take out 1st place in the championship for Showroom Stock Enduro and a 3rd Showroom Stock Circuit. Thanks to Brisbane Kawasaki and the team for keeping things together for the tour as well as anyone who have been a part of this season. Look out for next year!”

Kawasaki Motors Australia’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Robert Walker, congratulated the team on becoming champions in their respective classes. “The results from Brisbane Kawasaki Racing Team are outstanding and we are all very proud of their joint achievements this year. The accomplishments and sportsmanship that the team displayed throughout the series are characteristics that we are proud to be associated with”.

Christian D'Agostin

Christian D'Agostin. Photo credit - OZPWC.com

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