Round 5 of the championship unfolded on Saturday. The Brisbane Kawasaki Jet Ski racing team managed to lead the Manufacturers Stock class in the form of Dane Alberti who took out the enduro race followed by teammate Cameron Martin in 2nd place.

The Manufacturers Stock closed course moto was next on the agenda. Cameron was forced to pull in during the race and subsequently forfeited the chance at salvaging any championship points from the moto. Fortunately Dane Alberti was able to charge through the choppy circuit on his Kawasaki Ultra 300X to secure a place on the podium in 3rd.

Jamie Eade finished 1st in the Open enduro race aboard his Kawasaki Ultra 310R, despite suffering from a fractured collarbone sustained in the lead-up to the round. Jamie’s pain threshold declined in the Open closed course moto which was reflected by his in 5th place result.

The rain and choppy racing conditions prevailed throughout round 6 on the Sunday. Kawasaki dominated the Manufacturers Stock class again with Dane comfortably taking a familiar 1st place and Cameron securing 3rd in the enduro race. In the closed course version of the Manufacturers Stock moto Dane managed to claim 2nd place.

Jamie Eade was fit enough to race in the Open class enduro moto of round 6 where he managed 2nd place. The pain from his collarbone injury was getting the best of him in the Open closed course race where he managed 4th place.

“It was a very tough day at the office on the weekend, the weather was less than average and racing conditions were quite rough which made for very challenging conditions to race in. I am very sore today”, said team manager, Jamie Eade. “Preparation has been good, these skis are just great”.

Team member Christian D’Agostin was not able to race over the weekend due to an injury. Christian will take his time away from his Kawasaki Ultra 310R as a chance to heal while he maintains a good lead in the championship after previous rounds.

Brisbane Kawasaki Jet Ski Racing Team have walked away with valuable points from rounds 5 & 6 of the Australian Jetcross Championship leading up to the final round in Redcliffe QLD on May 24th 2015.

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