Four time Japanese Motocross Champion, Takeshi Katsuya, had an average start to the round on the dense and sandy track after qualifying 5th and placing 8th in the first moto. A solid start in the second moto saw Takeshi rocket along to finish in 4th on his KX250F. An overall result of 5th on the day wasn’t ideal for Takeshi, however he is still well within reach of the top spot on the championship podium.

“It could have gone better today and I wasn’t happy with my riding. After the last round, I was 19 championship points away from first and now I’m about 30 away. I proved I can win against these younger guys and I’m just going to work towards getting those points and podiums in the last two rounds so that I can come out on top,” Takeshi commented.

Alex Morris and Matt Ryan of the Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team were on track to a successful round after solid training and preparation. Race starts were the only thing that didn’t go their way, resulting in 16th and 15th positions for Alex and a commendable result of 19th and 17th for Matt Ryan in the first and second race respectively.

Alex Morris of the Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

Alex Morris of the Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

Manager of Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team, Travis Whitten, said “The track was awesome. It looked like a fun track to ride but making passes isn’t easy on this track. The starts were important and a lot of riders struggled on the first corner because it was very tight and hard to get around there clean so it was challenging. Alex qualified 11th which was promising but he had a bad start in each race which ruined his day.”

Alex Morris (Left) & Matt Ryan (Right) of the Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

Matt Ryan (Left) & Alex Morris (Right) of the Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

“Matt struggled with bad arm pump all day. We didn’t know why but it was probably the worst arm pump he has experienced in his whole career. In the second race he came off in the first lap which was unlucky and it was all chasing from there. “ Travis commented.

Kawasaki supported MX and off-road coach, Cody Mackie, relished the chance to line up against the best MX2 racers in the country at his local round. Cody entered the round without any expectations only to come away with 12th position overall after 12th and 13th in motos one and two respectively.

“I had a blast today on my KX250F. It was great to see so many familiar faces. This was a massive part of my life for 10 years. The sport is the same but there are a lot of new riders who are doing really well which is great for Australian Motocross,” said Cody.

Contact Cody Mackie through his Facebook page (CLICK HERE), to enquire about his world class coaching school, CM33.

Kawasaki supported MX2 riders are looking forward to the second last round of the MX Nationals to be held on 23rd August in Toowoomba, QLD.

MX2 overall results:
1. Luke Clout 65
2. Jay Wilson 62
3. Dylan Wills 61
4. Nathan Crawford 54
5. Takeshi Katsuya 51
6. Keiron Hall 51
7. Geran Stapleton 47
8. Jed Beaton 46
9. Joel Wightman 44
10. Jack Simpson 43
11. Caleb Ward 42
12. Cody Mackie 37
13. Dean Porter 37
14. Wade Hunter 33
15. Alex Morris 31

MX2 championship standings:
1. Jay Wilson 465
2. Luke Clout 462
3. Takeshi Katsuya 435
4. Jed Beaton 395
5. Wade Hunter 362
6. Caleb Ward 353
7. Nathan Crawford 346
8. Dylan Wills 334
9. Luke Arbon 327
10. Geran Stapleton 324
11. Jack Simpson 286
12. Joel Wightman 276
13. Riley Graham 264
14. Hamish Harwood 225
15. Dean Porter 197
16. Kyle Webster 192
17. Alex Morris 180
18. Tomas Ravenhorst 167
19. Luke Wilson 165
20. Dylan Leary 142

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