The ‘Retro’ themed round 7 of the MX Nationals provided athletes and teams with the opportunity to dress up their bikes to recognize just how far motocross racing has come since the 90’s. Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team spared no expense integrating fantastic bright pink and purple Kawasaki KX graphics from the 90’s motocross era, onto their modern-day racing machines.

Proformance rider, Matt Ryan, entered his second competitive round of racing this season after an injury ruled him out for the first 5 round of the MX Nationals. Matt was able to hold a position in the top three for the opening lap of the first moto but unfortunately he crashed with only two laps to go, pushing him back into 12th.

Proformance signing

Matt Ryan and Alex Morris - Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

“My day went really well, qualified well in the first moto and had a great gate pick. It was good to get up there and run in the top three for a bit in front of the home crowd. I unfortunately crashed and faded off a bit so the result wasn’t what we wanted but it was still a good move in the right direction,” Matt said.

Matt Ryan - Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

Matt Ryan - Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

An average start and unavoidable collisions in the second moto compromised Matt’s efforts for the remainder of the race. “In the second moto the track roughed up a lot. I had a game plan but I smoked the tire up on the cement starting line and that made for a terrible start, which is unlike me. In the race, two riders came down across my rut which took me down and it took the wind out of me. I got back up and made it in 17th place. I know I’ve got the speed, I just need to work harder in training especially after not riding for a while because of my knee injury,” Said Matt who finished the day in 14th place overall.

Team Mate, Alex Morris, put in a solid performance in the first moto on his KX250F, crossing the line in 11th place after he started the race in 20th due to a mistake in the first lap. Alex was aiming to build on his efforts when he unfortunately became tangled in a spectacular crash off the start in the second moto. Team Manager, Travis Whitten, said “Alex had a massive crash half way down the straight right after the gate. I’m happy to say that he is ok and he even tried to continue riding. He was all heart for that moto but he had to pull in because his bars and leavers were bent. It was unfortunate for him to not finish that race after such a great charge in the first moto.”

Alongside managing a racing team in the MX Nationals, Travis Whitten and WBR Motorcycles put on an impressive display of Kawasaki off-road motorcycles and merchandise at round 7 of the MX Nationals.

Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team

Proformance Kawasaki Racing Team is looking forward to round 8 of the MX Nationals on 2nd August held in Nowra, NSW.

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