Kawasaki Castrol Racing team has had a strong finish for their 2019 campaign.

KX250 rider - Lachlan Allan "I had a great weekend of racing with team mate Matt Mury. Track was rough, fast and Sandy with a lot of sandy whoops. Felt good both days and finished 5th on bith days finished championship in 5th overall."

Kx450 roder- Matt Murry "Had my best weekend yet of racing down in Hedley VIC for round 10-11 of the Australian Off-Road Championship. Saturday's 3 hour Cross-Country track was good fun, very powdery sand on the edges and with a bit of rain during the week made the line perfect. The Previous round being sand, my bike was setup perfect for the condition, I got a good start and charged as best I could for 3 hours and it landed me in 19th outirght and 5th in E3."

Peter Allan - Team Manager "Sunday's track was a 10 minute section of the Saturdays Cross-Country track. The track was rough and kept you on your toes. It got very square edged and we ended up with some great results. I'd like to thank the Gympie Motorcycles crew for all the work they do and Kawasaki Australia for the unreal KX450 and KX250 which have been amazing all season!"

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