Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team took over Wakefield Park for testing with all 4 riders on track.  The day has been extremely productive with great feedback form the rider’s on the ninja ZX-10RR and Ninja 400 motorcycles.

Kawasaki caught up with Team Owner & Manager, KELVIN REILLY, to talk through the outcomes of the testing day.


The day’s purpose for Bryan was to evaluate new Dunlop tyres and the new Ninja ZX-10RR. Bryan felt the new bike was a lot smoother and faster than the previous model. The bike was basically a dyno-tuned standard bike with our suspension from last year so it definitely was not 100% tuned as per how we will race it at round 1. Bryan immediately bonded with the bike.  We tested 7 new Dunlop tyres and overall the day was very encouraging.


This day was all about getting the team working as a smooth unit.  Lachlan worked well with Adam and has quite a bit of experience for an 18 yr old, he posted a strong lap time. Again this was encouraging and a good step in the right direction.


This was Tayla’s second run out on the Ninja 400 and she is getting used to more and more. Tayla tested 4 types of Dunlop tyre and was happy with a tyre to move forward with. She is very sensitive to the bike and is only a fraction off her own lap record. Overall she is happy with the Ninja 400.


This was Callum’s first run out on the Ninja 400 and was very impressed straight away. He tested some Dunlop tyres and worked well with the team to come up with the best tyre setup. His comments are pretty much a mirror image of Tayla’s.  Callum was a little quicker than Tayla on this day.

Overall the Ninja ZX-10RR is a really good step forward and as soon as we have completed a full tune, we are in a really good position for round 1. Dunlop has really pushed hard and the improvements can be felt and seen. The Ninja 400 is still early in its development but we have some good valuable data to work on.

The 2019 ASBK season for the Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team is shaping up to be extremely competitive on the Ninja ZX-10RR in the Superbike Class and on the Ninja 400

in the Supersport300 Class. Thanks to Kelvin for all the comments.  Kawasaki Motors Australia are looking forward to watching the great racing in 2019 ASBK series.

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