Kawasaki will be present in the form of factory and supported teams who are amped for the proceedings to get underway.

Troy Carrol who heads up the Kawasaki factory MX1 team said, “We have all the boxes ticked and we are eager for the gate to drop at the first round. Adam and John have been training hard and John has gelled well with the team so we are expecting an exciting first round”. John Phillips who recently was announced as the substitute rider for Kawasaki’s injured Jake Moss, is racing in the first round of the MX nationals after placing overall 3rd in the New Zealand Motocross Championships only 2 weeks prior.

The Proformance Kawasaki Racing team is prepared for their inaugural round of the MX2 series which the team will be competing in. “So much work has gone into the last few months. We have everything that is important dialled in”, commented Team Manager Travis Whitten of the Kawasaki supported team.

Kawasaki’s ‘Mad Meg’ will be sitting out the first round after an injury sustained to her right hand during training. “It started off as a great year for me at the first two rounds of the Motocross World Championships and this year I am getting the support from the major sponsors which I have worked so hard for. It’s unfortunate, but I have been injured before and this won’t set me back”, said Meghan Rutledge who has proven her determination throughout her successful career in Women’s Motocross.

Kawasaki Motors Australia is proud to be supporting these riders and we are excited for the first MX Nationals round to get underway. Stay tuned for exciting news about another Kawasaki supported rider who will be announced shortly to be competing in the MX Nationals this year.

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