2 time All Japan National MX2 Champion Haruki Yokoyama has joined the strong professional outfit Empire Kawasaki for the Australia ProMX series.

Kawasaki Australia and Empire Motorsports are excited to have Haruki and wife Haruka join the team for their 2021 MX2 championship, piloting the 2021 KX250. Haruki will be joining the team for round 3 at Gillman South Australia, visit the ProMX website for more information on round 3: https://auspromx.com.au/

Kawasaki Motors Australia recently asked some question to learn more about Haruki and what he is looking forward to for the 2021 ProMX series:

When will you be able to ride in Australia?
"We are planning to get out of quarantine on the 6th of May, so probably start riding after that."

What are you most looking forward to seeing while you live in Australia?
"I am looking forward to competing with the fastest MX riders in Australia. One of the main reasons I came to Australia was to learn more and improve my skills on and off the MX track."

How are you planning to stay fit and prepare for racing while you are in quarantine?
"Luckily I got a bigger room while in quarantine, so I can jump rope, balance ball, core training, little bit of running and other trainings. 14 days quarantine is tougher then I thought. I can't wait to go outside, breathe fresh air and see Australia."

What is your favourite aspect of the KX250?
"What I like about KX250 is powerful engine. Its got really good top and bottom end power. I also like the slim chassis, since I am short the slim chassis is easier to hold on to the bike."

"I also wanted to give a quick thank you to all my sponsors and Kawasaki Heavy Industries for giving me the opportunity to race in the Australian series."

We are looking forward to seeing Haruki hit the track soon and to see him compete for the wins through the ProMX series.

Be sure to follow Haruki on his instagram: @haruki386

Be sure to follow Haruki on his instagram: @haruki386

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