Leading into the final round of the NSW State MX Titles, Grace set out to capitalise on her comfortable 2nd place position in each class.

The concluding 85cc/150cc 4ST Females round was held first and Grace was more determined than ever to conquer a section of the track where she had broken her arm at the end of last year.

“I went into the day feeling excited to finish it and ready for some fun racing. It was a technical and muddy track, but I was excited to come in after practice laps because I had jumped the step-up where I broke my arm last year!” Grace commented.

Grace polished off the round with 2nd place in all three races and 2nd overall for the day on her KX85II to maintain her runner-up position as the championship came to an end.

KX Junior Squad Member - Grace Rowe

KX Junior Squad Member - Grace Rowe

On the second day of the final round and for the last time in the 2015 NSW Junior Motocross Championship, Grace continued her bold efforts to campaign her Kawasaki KX100 against larger 250cc motocrossers in the 100cc/ 150cc 2ST, 200cc/ 250cc 4ST All Female class. Despite a spectacular mid-air crash as she crossed the finish line in the first moto, Grace managed to place 4th, 5th and 3rd in races one, two and three respectively, taking out 3rd overall in the series.

“I was feeling the most nervous I had all year, but I was also really excited! In the first race I found it really difficult to stay with the 250’s down the Appin start straight, but did my best to get the power on, I came out of the first corner in 3rd place. I think it may have been my best race of the year. At the end of the round I had people coming up to me at the races and just congratulating me on how well I was doing on the smaller bike!” Grace commented.

“It has been such an amazing year of motocross, I am so grateful and looking forward to a phenomenal 2016. I want to come back next year and smash it,“ said Grace after she closed the 2015 NSW Junior Motocross Championship with a podium in both classes aboard her Kawasaki KX85II and KX100.

KX Junior Squad Member - Grace Rowe

KX Junior Squad Member - Grace Rowe

Grace will continue to train and prepare herself for the 2015 Australian Junior Motocross Nationals being held in Bunbury, Western Australia from 26th Sep to 3rd Oct.

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