Grace enjoyed a bittersweet series in her last effort as a junior and her first time competing aboard a 250cc motocrosser in the championship this year.

Leading into the final round, Grace was standing 4th overall in the 85cc female class. Grace put in a fighting effort to take 3rd in the first race. A spectacular holeshot gave Grace the momentum to finish in 2nd place for race two and an untimely crash in race three set her back to finish in 2nd, granting her 2nd overall at the final round.

Ultimately Grace would come away with 3rd for the championship in the 85cc – 150cc two-stroke female class.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. So excited and full of relief. It was an excellent day and as we left the track I was feeling really excited to race the next day on my KX250F,” said Grace.

Grace entered day two of the final round sitting in 3rd place on the championship leaderboard for the 0cc-100cc two-stroke/ 200cc – 250cc four stroke female class. The points difference between Grace and the 4th place position holder was tight so it was time for Grace to work her magic aboard her KX250F.

A holeshot in race one was complimented with clean form until a spill in the last lap that pushed Grace into finishing 4th. Race two saw Grace finish in 4th again and another holeshot in race three set her up for finishing in 3rd place. Grace closed the day in 4th place overall and held on to her 3rd place standing overall for the championship.

“Overall it was a great and successful series, and I am really happy with my results, making top 3 in the state for both classes,” Grace commented.

Grace Rowe KX Junior Squad

The heavily rutted track at the end of the round.

Grace unfortunately was forced to give up her 2nd place standing in the NSW Junior Off-Road Championships due to the final round of the NSW Motocross Championship being rescheduled to take place on the same weekend.

To find out more about Max Whale of the KX Junior Squad, visit his rider profile by clicking HERE and follow the #KXJuniorSquad hash tag.

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