The 85cc class race was first up on a moist track that had been ripped deeply. The track was quickly churned up as the less experienced riders were unfortunately caught out by the deep ruts.

“Race one on the KX85II went very well, I was the closest I’ve ever been to my main competitor and was happy with the way I rode jumps, ruts, rhythm sections and the other challenging parts of the track.”

The 100cc - 250cc was held the next day where Grace bravely competed on her Kawasaki KX100 against riders on 250cc motorcrossers. After qualifying first Grace experienced some challenging racing on the day saying, “In the first race I came 2nd, then 3rd and then in the last race I was switching between 1st and 2nd advancing on first, and had pulled a good gap between me and 3rd. Unfortunately I had one little crash which closed the gap between me and 3rd, and opened the gap between me and 1st. As I was pushing to catch back up and create a gap again, I crashed again! 3rd and 4th passed me, and now I was in 4th place. It was the last lap and as much as I tried and hounded, they finished in front of me.”

Grace Rowe will race next at the 4th round of the NSW Motorcross Championship held in Nowra on 18 July 2015.

Click HERE to find out more about Grace Rowe and the Kawasaki KX Junior Squad.

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