The long drag-race style beginning to the race saw D’Agostin’s Ultra 300X build a sizeable gap on his Stock class competitors and got him into 2nd place by the first turn buoy, beaten only by a modified class PWC.

From there D’Agostin only increased the gap on the rest of the field to cross the line in 2nd place and 1st in class.

photo 9

Brisbane Kawasaki Dealership Principal and owner, Jamie Eade was very happy with D’Agostin’s result onboard his dealership Jet Ski, saying, “This has to be the fastest open Jet Ski race in Australia so it’s wonderful that the Kawasaki Ultra 300X has done so well proving just how good it is out of the box. I think I jumped so high punching the air that I nearly fell off the boast I was watching the race from. There must’ve been a kilometer between us and the next Stock class ski. We couldn’t be prouder to be on Kawasaki, these things kick butt!

photo 4

Jamie Eade and Christian D’Agostin will race next at Atkinson Dam, QLD  this weekend.

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