"I've ridden the 09 KTM, 13 KTM, 09 Kawasaki and now the 2014 KX85. At first I was unsure as to how it might perform because the KX hadn’t changed in so many years and had fallen behind the KTM’S. Also it had to make a massive leap from the last model to now."

"But I insisted on trying it out to see if it had gone anywhere, mainly because I had always liked the shape/feel of the KX and the way I could be aggressive in riding with it but still feel comfortable. We had a demo KX brought out to a ride day at our place with all my mates to try it out as well and see how it went. After a while of riding (which I never wanted to stop) I came back to dad and the first word I said was WOW!!"

"I was really surprised at how well everything went, the power was really strong and aggressive when used correctly with keeping the revs up slightly, the gear changes were really smooth and pulled out well under power. Suspension was pretty good feeling (almost perfect for my weight) and the seat/suspension really encouraged rider movement around the bike to weight the rear wheel, also I very much liked the handling around corners where it gives confidence by feeling like it had grip and leans in well. I was deliberately trying to find any faults but it was very hard and I only came away with one minor thing, coming into a bumpy corner at high speeds made the front end feel weird for a moment but then once I was in the corner it was fine (although that was probably just because of the forks being all the way down when stock)".

"I would personally only make a couple changes to the bike: fork placement and gear lever one click up. Just because of my riding style. But in the end it was an awesome bike in looks and performance and I would prefer it over the competition any day. All of the guys that tried it out would agree that it was a lot of fun and actually consider Kawasaki for an 85 now. Can’t wait till I get mine!!"

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