The event played host to the debut of the all-new 2017 Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R in competitive Australian PWC racing. The ground-breaking four stroke stand-up Jet Ski SX-R set the bar in the SXR 1500 Ski class with Jet Ski World team rider & multi-time former junior Australian champion, Joel Barry who won all 4 races. As a result, Joel plans to represent Australia, Jet Ski World & Kawasaki at the annual International Jet Boat Association (IJSBA) World Final event held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA in October later this year.

 Jet Ski World TeamJet Ski World Team - Winners are grinners

Jet Ski World team pilot & 2016 Expert Limited Runabout world number 4 ranked, Matt Brunt managed to snatch 5th place with his Kawasaki Ultra 310R Jet Ski in the fiercely contested premier GP Runabout class, as he battled against some of the greatest racers in Australia & the world. Matt will also be representing Australia, Jet Ski World & Kawasaki at the IJSBA World Finals later this year and is hoping to improve on his ranking status.

Matt Brunt - Image Credit: Nautical Image

Matt Brunt - Image Credit: Nautical Image

Mark Perlowski of Newcastle Jet Ski Centre found his feet at the event after a long absence from competitive stand-up Jet Ski racing. Mark claimed 4th place overall in the SXR 1500 Ski class with his Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R saying, “The Jet Ski SX-R showed its full potential in closed course conditions, being able to handle speed with composure in rough track conditions. The event showcased the potential of the ski for the future. Kawasaki SX-R has set a bench mark for the future of the standup class!”

Brisbane Kawasaki Jet Ski’s very own Jamie Eade played an integral part in the weekend’s proceedings as a major event sponsor but also competing in the GP Runabout and Enduro Open classes with his Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X.

Paul Bazeley of the Brisbane Kawasaki racing team landed his Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310R on the top step of the Am Showroom Stock Runabout class podium while teammate Joel Batt came second with his Jet Ski Ultra 310R in the Enduro Am Showroom Stock class. The dealership’s Jet Ski SX-R rider, Tony Grey was runner up in the SXR 1500 Ski class as well.

Joel Barry 1st place trophy - SXR 1500 Class

Joel Barry 1st place trophy - SXR 1500 Class

Jet Sports Boating Association (AJSBA) 2017 Australian WaterCross Championship Results:

GP Runabout
1. Paul Leven
2. James Masterton
3. Mohammed Burbaya
4. Brendan Boyd
5. Matt Brunt
6. Jamie Eade
7. Brett Douglas

GP Ski
1. Justin Windsor
2. Zac Humpheys
3. Kylie Ellmers
4. Daniel Piana

SXR 1500 Ski
1. Joel Barry
2. Tony Grey
3. Matt Daly
4. Mark Perlowski
5. Tom Aiken

Pro Am Stock Runabout
1. Mitch Wayt
2. Mitch Casey
3. Sebastian Birch
4. Mick Burns
5. Dillon Bromley
6. David Knott
7. Corey Styles
8. Bailey Cunningham
9. Shane Stuart

Am Showroom Stock Runabout
1. Mark Dallow
2. Joel Batt
3. Kristy Mirams
4. Paul Bazeley
5. Brett Whittaker
6. Aaron Moyle

Pro Am Stock Spec Runabout
1. Shane Stuart
2. Mitch Wayt
3. Sebastian Birch
4. Mitch Casey
5. David Knott
6. Mark Quitadamo
7. Tristrim Forster
8. Matthew Skelley
9. James Rice
10. Sam Barrett
11. Grant Malkinson

Pro Am Rec Lites Runabout
1. Joel Batt
2. Emma Harris
3. Rob White
4. Cliffton Ellmers
5. Adam Martin
6. Darryl Apps
7. Dean Jeffries
8. Shaun Bailey
9. Bailey Cunningham

Pro Am Lites Ski
1. Michael Stevens
2. Byron Lewis
3. Tom Aiken
4. McCauley Casey
5. Mark Glew

Pro Am Limited Ski
1. Jordan O'Keeffe
2. Clyde Grant
3. Byron Lewis
4. Justin Windsor

Junior Lites Ski
1. Jett Cavanagh
2. Austin O'Halloran
3. Jake Beekman
4. Blair Pomery
5. Dean Krouskos

Vintage Ski
1. Jarrod Martin
2. Tim Ryan
3. Matt Wollaston
4. Cameron Wise
5. Simon Graham
6. Adam Gibson
7. Zac Humphreys

Enduro Pro Am Stock Spec
1. Mitch Wayt
2. Mitch Casey
3. Tristrim Forster
4. Dillon Bromley

Enduro Am Showroom Stock
1. Paul Bazeley
2. Kristy Mirams
3. Brett Whittaker

Enduro Open
1. Christian D'Agostin
2. Brett Douglas
3. Guy Greenland
4. Chinni Rao
5. Jamie Eade
6. Kylie Ellmers
7. Matt Brunt

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