A bout of misfortune nudged Kawasaki BCperformance Ninja ZX-10R rider, Robbie Bugden off the 2017 Australian Superbike Championship series podium while Ninja 300 teammates make it 1-2 at the final round in Phillip Island over the weekend.

Five time New Zealand Superbike Champion, Robbie Bugden entered the final round in the running with only 25 point between himself and the Superbike championship leader. Second practice spelt disaster for the Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team with Robbie crashing when coming into contact with a damp section of the Phillip Island circuit. The situation compounded with teammate, Kyle Buckley going down on account of being directly behind Bugden and not being able to find a clean exit.

Robbie sustained injuries that almost ruled him out for the weekend while Kyle suffered a dislocated shoulder. Refusing defeat, Robbie mounted his Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team Ninja ZX-10R and fought a gallant battle in both subsequent superbike races. Robbie Bugden crossed the line in 10th for race one and 14th in the second race, finishing off the day in 14th overall and rounding out the 2017 ASBK series in 5th place overall.

“The weekend started fairly well, the bike felt good straight away on track but it all went pear shaped in second practice. A small shower came over the track and as I was tipping into turn one, I didn’t pick the track was slightly wet there, because the rest of the track was dry. As I tipped in, the back of the bike came around. Turn one is a place on the circuit you don’t want to high side at 230km or so per hour,” said the experienced superbike racer.

“It looks like I sustained some broken ribs, a broken finger and damaged foot. From there on in it was a battle. It was a real shame. We tried to claw our way back. In the first race I got up to 5th or so and didn’t have the endurance to finish off well as my core was sore. I just want to thank Kelvin (Team Manager), the team and every single one of my sponsors. It has been a really good season and we were on the podium more times than not. We were second on the leader board at one stage and the championship was within reach but all in all it has been a great season and it’s been a real pleasure. So now I’ll need to take a breath and see what next year holds.”

Kawasaki BCperformance & Robbie Bugden Complete 2017 ASBK Championship in 5th overall with Ninja ZX-10R

Robbie Bugden - Ninja ZX-10R

Team Manager, Kevin Reilly was infinitely pleased with his team’s performance throughout the 2017 series, despite saying that the final round was the most pressing of his career. “Both riders went down on the fastest corner of the track and wrecked both bikes but we regrouped and did the best we could. We had to give it a go after crashing and we weren’t going down like that.”

“I need to thank Robbie for his hard work over the weekend. Crashing wasn’t his fault and it could have happened to anyone. It came down to bad luck and he kept pushing on and on so hats off to him for that and we all appreciate the effort he put in,” said the former British Superbike Championship contender.

Kyle Buckley - Ninja ZX-10R

Kyle Buckley - Ninja ZX-10R

“Kyle did a phenomenal job as well. We didn’t want to do any more damage to his shoulder so we made a difficult decision to not allow him to ride in the Superbike races. We also required his spare bike for Robbie who had a stronger chance at a top result. Thank you to both riders for their efforts and understanding.”

“On the upside we were very proud and humbled to see Reid Battye win the Up to 300cc Supersport championship at the previous round in Sydney and to have our other Ninja 300 rider, Yanni Shaw follow in 2nd was a very nice way to cement ourselves as a championship winning team,” said Kelvin, who continued on the thank sponsors for standing by and believing in the team.

Reid Battye - Ninja 300

Reid Battye - Ninja 300

The Kawasaki BCperformance Racing Team topped off the series with winning the 2017 ASBK Best Presented Team award, with a criteria focused on racing machine livery, team presence and attitude.

Additional Kawasaki supported riders rounded out the series with strong performance including Matt Walters of Kawasaki Connection who completed the last Superbike race within the top 10 aboard his Ninja ZX-10R, saying, “Everything went smoothly and we developed the bike around me. We had the right tyres on and got a good break without traffic so got into 8th position for qualifying and it was the quickest time I have laid down around there with my Aussie spec bike. Then I did one lap and got taken out in the first race which was a shame.”

Matt Walters - Ninja ZX-10R

Matt Walters - Ninja ZX-10R

“In the second race I pushed my way back to the front after falling back a little and crossed the line in 8th so to finish the year off in the top ten for the final race was a good thing and a confidence boost leading into next year. We are aiming to be fitter and faster for 2018!” Exclaimed Matt who has previously ridden in the opening Phillip Island round for the World Superbike Championship as a wildcard entrant for the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing Team.

Sam Muldoon showed strong progression throughout the series with results advancing round on round, despite some setbacks due to crashes. The New South Welshman was able to place his Mick Muldoon Motorcycles Kawasaki ZX-6R into 10th place overall in the Supersport category.

Another notable mention was the savvy Tom Toparis who displayed true flair aboard his Cube Racing Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R to complete the series only 6 points behind 2nd place.

This year’s Australian Superbike Championship came to a close at the final round over the weekend, making way for a new dawn and with it comes a reinvigorated collection of proficient Kawasaki machines and riders, who will be in the hunt for 2018 ASBK Championship preeminance.

Visit the ASBK website for information on the 2018 series – www.asbk.com.au.

2017 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) - Superbike Championship results: 

Rnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd 6Rnd7Rnd7Rnd7
NameMachineWSBKW/fldWintHVMPSMSPPoleRace 1Race 2Total
1Josh WATERS (VIC)Suzuki32262750345102516261
2Wayne MAXWELL (VIC)Yamaha41385118451812025257
3Troy HERFOSS (NSW)Honda4746374018380020246
4Daniel FALZON (SA)Yamaha76303316161701715220
5Robert BUGDEN (QLD)Kawasaki5435363215290117219
6Cru HALLIDAY (NSW)Yamaha444362644290149206
7Bryan STARING (WA)Honda3633273502001518184
8Michael BLAIR (NSW)Yamaha2519210232601212138
9Corey TURNER (QLD)Ducati19822323324000138
10Mitch LEVY (NSW)Yamaha371262325160108137
11Glenn ALLERTON (NSW)Yamaha35000283301817131
12Josh HOOK (NSW)Kawasaki02830002901611114
13Beau BEATON (NSW)Ducati34260191319000111
14Alex PHILLIS (VIC)Yamaha150170282101314108
15Matt WALTERS (NSW)Kawasaki2221527060613100
16Troy GUENTHER (QLD)BMW221218227700088
17Kyle BUCKLEY (QLD)Kawasaki281921001500083
18Sloan FROST (NZ)Suzuki0041918908664
19Adam SENIOR (WA)Yamaha0188716104155
20Callum SPRIGGS (QLD)Ducati816780000039
21Aiden COOTE (VIC)Kawasaki1716000301037
22Brendan McINTYRE (NSW)Suzuki051100503226
23Jed METCHER (VIC)Yamaha000000091019
24Ryan YANKO (QLD)Ducati000019000019
25Trent GIBSON (VIC)Yamaha130000000417
26Aaiden COOTE (VIC)Kawasaki000170000017
27Jack BAKER (QLD)Kawasaki015000000015
28Samuel LAMBERT (NT)BMW130000000013
29Chas HERN (VIC)MV Agusta130000000013
30Ted COLLINS (VIC)BMW00000007512
31David BARKER (VIC)Kawasaki40000005312
32Mathew HARDING (NSW)Kawasaki000001200012
33Ashley FLEMING (WA)Aprilia02008000010
34Simon GALLOWAY (NSW)Yamaha100000000010
35Nathan SPITERI (VIC)Kawasaki0360000009
36Ben STRONACH (WA)Yamaha0006000208
37Lachlan EPIS (NSW)BMW0000050005
38Stan WHITING (NT)BMW0005000005
39Hamish McMURRAY (NSW)Kawasaki0140000005
40William DAVIDSON (NSW)Yamaha4000000004


2017 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) - Supersport Championship results: 

Rnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 7Rnd 7
PosNameMachineWSBKW/fldWintHVMPSMSPPoleRace 1Race 2Total
1Ted COLLINS (VIC)Suzuki473951455031000263
2Mason COOTE (VIC)Yamaha6025261736360018218
3Tom TOPARIS (NSW)Kawasaki22432645201602020212
4Mark CHIODO (VIC)Triumph44.510402114612525204.5
5Sam CONDON (NSW)Yamaha38.5321018313201713191.5
6Chris QUINN (NSW)Yamaha16.5202028353101215177.5
7Jordan CARLSSON (QLD)Yamaha35.5311523182701312174.5
8Nic LIMINTON (SA)Yamaha133717273324000151
9Cambridge OLIVIER (QLD)Yamaha1112232924160119135
10Sam MULDOON (NSW)Kawasaki18033263120000128
11Aidan HAYES (NSW)Kawasaki426616201701410113
12Ryan TAYLOR (VIC)Yamaha410200000181796
13Rhys BELLING (VIC)Yamaha7.5147150150161690.5
14Mick HEFFERAN (NT)Kawasaki000312010081180
15Jake PRUITI (WA)Triumph1014221501206079
16Damon REES (NZ)Honda01531280000074
17Lincoln GILDING (QLD)Yamaha15280026000069
18Sam LAMBERT (NT)Yamaha0036310000067
19Patrick LI (VIC)Kawasaki0081217807658
20Brian HOUGHTON (QLD)Honda17000210010856
21Ben BURKE (NSW)Yamaha41.50000000041.5
22Giuseppe SCARCELLA (NSW)Kawasaki427900000040
23Mitch REES (NZ)Honda0000090151438
24Hayden SPINKS (NSW)Kawasaki1960001000035
25Ryan SELLEN (NSW)Kawasaki000012409732
26Aaron MORRIS (NSW)Yamaha000002500025
27Thomas BRYDEN (NSW)Yamaha000402100025
28Jimmy BROADBENT (NSW)Kawasaki086100000024
29Luke MITCHELL (NSW)Yamaha190300000022
30John HUNT (SA)Suzuki001900000019
31Simon REES (NSW)Kawasaki000001600016
32Grant DAVIS (NSW)Kawasaki111000400016
33Cam RUSSELL (VIC)Yamaha15.50000000015.5
34Brendan WILSON (VIC)Yamaha12.50200000014.5
35Carl KITSON (NSW)Yamaha010000200012
36Stephanie REDMAN (VIC)Yamaha000012000012
37Joel RHODES (NSW)Yamaha09300000012
38Callum ALDERSON (VIC)Yamaha110000000011
39Michael KNIGHT (NSW)Yamaha6000000006
40Warren GIBB (NT)Yamaha0005000005
41Justin CASE (NSW)Yamaha0003010004
42Zac LEVY (QLD)Yamaha4000000004
43Jack DAWES (NSW)Yamaha3.5000000003.5
44Graeme SMITH (NT)Kawasaki0003000003
45Adrian FORDE (VIC)Suzuki2.5000000002.5


2017 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) - Up to 300cc Supersport Championship results: 

Rnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 7Rnd 7Rnd 7
PosNameMachineWSBKW/fldWintHVMPSMSPPoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Reid BATTYE (NSW)Kawasaki6562.557.5557063001620409
2Yanni SHAW (NSW)Kawasaki4242455145630201518341
3Drew SELLS (VIC)Kawasaki5228.542.54951520182017330
4Oliver BAYLISS (QLD)Kawasaki434817646450251125320
5Laura BROWN (NSW)Kawasaki483105047440171016263
6Bronson PICKETT (WA)Kawasaki243337.53046490161210257.5
7Gregory FARRELL (NSW)Kawasaki034384337350979212
8Scott NICHOLSON (VIC)Kawasaki51435520000111714211
9Shelby TURNER (QLD)Kawasaki325.525.54034210122512198
10Keegan PICKERING (NSW)Kawasaki14222702225010140134
11Austin BARNES (VIC)Kawasaki3203400310897112
12Peter NERLICH (VIC)Kawasaki160002640015013110
13Grace POUTCH (VIC)Kawasaki2120.516000013131194.5
14Tom EDWARDS (NSW)Kawasaki7000000000070
15Nicholas CLAIR (VIC)Kawasaki6028.50026000060.5
16Nathan BOLAND (NSW)Kawasaki031.527.5000000059
17Lachlan EPIS (NSW)Kawasaki0000530000053
18Cameron AGOSTINI (NT)Honda0003600070851
19Zac JOHNSON (VIC)Kawasaki000000014181547
20Zackary JOHNSON (VIC)Kawasaki4100000000041
21Travis HALL (QLD)Kawasaki0000039000039
22Luke SANDERS (VIC)Kawasaki23150000000038
23Tyler FERRARI (VIC)Kawasaki3600000000036
24Tim WALKER (NT)Honda0003300000033
25Andrew EDSER (VIC)Kawasaki0000031000031
26Lewis WRIGHT (QLD)Kawasaki3100000000031
27Phillip IRLAM (NT)Honda0003000000030
28Ashley ARMITT (NSW)Kawasaki821.50000000029.5
29Steve ARMITAGE (NT)Honda0002600000026
30Locky TAYLOR (QLD)Kawasaki2500000000025
31Sean JARVIS (VIC)Kawasaki0024000000024
32Mark FERRARI (VIC)Kawasaki2300000000023
33Scott CHAPMAN (NSW)Kawasaki021.50000000021.5
34Mathew CARTELLONE (QLD)Kawasaki0000021000021
35John HAZELDENE (VIC)Kawasaki000000068620
36Lachlan O'BRIEN (NT)Honda0001600000016
37Jason WHITEHEAD (QLD)Kawasaki0000140000014
38Warwick NOWLAND (NSW)Kawasaki0000130000013
39Daniel HURST (NT)Honda00060000006
40Mark ROGERS (QLD)Kawasaki30000000003
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