Grace made a holeshot and 2nd place overall look easy aboard her KX85II in the 85cc class. Grace adapted quickly to the track which she had never seen before and she rode with finesse to secure 2nd place in all three races.

Grace Rowe - Kawasaki KX Junior Squad

Grace Rowe with her Kawasaki supported mentor, Meghan Rutledge

The next day saw Grace compete in the 100cc 2ST - 250cc 4ST class aboard her Kawasaki KX100. “I always get a bit nervous on the start line of this class, sitting in between bikes with their handlebars that are taller than mine. But I love the feeling of a good challenge so I was just as excited as I was nervous,” said Grace.

In the first moto Grace managed a great jump from the gate, then the larger 250cc motorcrossers pulled away from her on the long start strait of the Nowra Motoplex. Grace chipped away and gained ground in the technical sections of the track. “After the bigger bikes backed off I had to hold it on further into the corners and try to hold it back on as quickly as possible,” Grace explained.

Grace made no mistakes under the pressure, and finished the first moto in 2nd place with her fastest lap time only 2 seconds behind the winner on a 250cc.

An unfortunate crash in the last moto pushed Grace back to a 6th place finish and resulted in a 4th overall for the day.

“I rode my best race ever in that first moto, and I beat my main competitor for the first time this year! I literally cried tears of joy. It was a big breakthrough for me, I had finally done what I had been working so hard for all year!” Grace said.

Grace is currently 3rd on the leaderboard in the 100cc 2ST - 250cc 4ST class and she is now preparing for the final round of the NSW Junior State Championships on 8th August.

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