Kawasaki Motors Australia opened our platform to invite customers to review their own motorbikes. We recently received this customer review of the Z900 from Sylvia, here is her poetic review.

A Review of a 2019 Z900 named Scarlett

My big boy mates said ‘You can’t ride that”
At 5’2 you cannot touch the ground, the tyres will have to be flat!
I said ‘Just you wait and see as I gave my hair a twirl’
I jumped on her at the dealership and screamed ‘Oh What a girl’

She looks real super naked with her red shiny rims
Perfect 795mm seat height and the seat is super slim
210kg of Refined rawness with the power of an inline 4
Her enhanced intake notes coming from her 73.4mm bore

The injection of fuel flowing through her DOH Cam
Gives tingles to your fingers, filtering through the traffic jams
The clutch will slip and assist you when your pushing the trellis frame
Around the track in the slippery conditions, she is feisty not tame

Her 92.0 kW @ 9,500 rpm will send shivers down your spine
4-into-1-pre-chamber-into-silencer layout is simply just divine
As I check out her rear suspension, the swing arm and the shock
I think back to her refined nimbleness when I rode around the block

The 17-litre fuel tank is really narrow at the rear
My knees can grip it tighter when I feel a little fear
Pumping fuel into her 16 valves, you can hear her quick revs climb
Her Silky-smooth power delivery facilitates control, the note is so sublime

Did I mention the fuel Injection, 36 mm x 4 with sub throttles valves
And the dual-bulb bright headlamp, in her shiny compact front cowl
What about the aggressive ninja styling and her sexy upswept tail
Looking at her from behind she does not need to hide under a veil

She is light, agile and sporty, the wide handlebar easy to reach
Loves cornering through the twisties or a cruise along the beach
Parked up after a day’s riding she is a sight to behold
Kawasaki got it right and I hope they do not break the mold

To all you girls and guys looking for an Iconic Bike
Rush down to your Kawasaki dealership so you can zoom right past that trike
When you turn that key and start her up for the very first time
You will always yell out to anybody, hey do not touch her, she’s mine.

So, to all the big boys who said to me ‘Hey you can’t possibly ride that’
Look at my shiny new bike, and my fine Kawasaki hat
I have found my forever Best Friend in the form of a motorbike
My Z900 is perfect, Scarlett your just my type.

Thank you for reading, Sylvia.

Sylvia also wants to thank Jerome and the team from Hands On Kawasaki for their fantastic customer service: "I would highly recommend everyone looking for the best customer service to go to this Kawasaki dealership as its the best in Melbourne."

Want to learn more about the 2019 Kawasaki Z900? Click Here.

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