Name: Kirsty Byles

Age: 18

Hobbies: Volleyball, netball, cycling and I’m currently tinkering on a 1974 Leyland Mini

First Bike Ridden: LT50

Favourite Kawasaki: Z1000

Favourite TV Show: Speed Week

What Are You Listening To?: Foo Fighters & Red Hot Chili Peppers

Kawasaki: Hi Kirsty, tell us about your role at SA Motorcycles.

Kirsty Byles: I finished my apprenticeship last year and this is my first year as a fully qualified technician. I work part time in the workshop and part time on the counter doing service assistance work.

Kawasaki: How did you get into the industry?

KB: SA Motorcycles is a family business and is owned and operated by my father Evan Byles. In high school I wasn’t get really far with my schooling so I decided to become an apprentice motorcycle mechanic at age 14. I still enjoy it and love going to work everyday.

Kawasaki: What’s it like working with your father?

KB: I work under a manager so thankfully I’m not taking orders all day from dad. I see him all day at work and then see him at home so it’s not always easy keeping home and work separate.

IMG 9108

Kawasaki: What do you think your future holds?

KB: Hopefully more mechanic work and one day I hope to become a Service Manager. I want to see myself and the dealership succeed and keep the business in the family. I’d also love to be involved with a race team one day.

Kawasaki Your father Evan is quite an avid road racer isn’t he?

KB: Yeah I go racing with him a lot. He’s doing the Superbike series this year and I mechanic for him. It’s good being able to travel around with him because we get along well. I love racing. I love the atmosphere and I love the pressure of having to work fast to make sure his Kawasaki’s are right to go. I love making motors faster instead of keeping them standard.

Kawasaki: What’s the drive back to SA like after a bad round of racing?

KB: Haha. We just talk. We get along great. He’s not a sore sport. He’s got a real positive attitude even if he doesn’t succeed.

Kawasaki: What’s your favourite thing about working at SA Motorcycles?

KB: The atmosphere and the friendly staff. Like I said it’s a family business so everyone gets along. There’s not one person who doesn’t talk to another. It’s a great atmosphere.

IMG 9116

Kawasaki: Do you enjoy working on Kawasaki’s?

KB: For sure. They’re easy to work on and not much goes wrong with them. Most of the motorcycles I work on are from other makes because the Kawasaki’s are really reliable. I think they’re fantastic bikes.

Kawasaki: Thanks Kirsty and all the very best to you and SA Motorcycles.

KB: Thank you.

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