Name: Jess Vitney

Age: 21

Hobbies: Boxing, Wake-Boarding and MX

First Bike Ridden: RT100

Favourite Kawasaki: Ninja ZX-10R or the older Z750

Favourite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

What Are You Listening To?: Indie Rock and Drum & Bass

Kawasaki: Hi Jess, tell us about your role at Sydney City Motorcycles.

JV: I’m a full time mechanic. I’m a 4th year apprentice so I’ve been there for about 3 ½ years. That was my first step into the motorcycle industry. I was a keen dirt bike rider before that.

Kawasaki: Did you race?

JV: No I just liked to go riding for fun, go camping and ride out bush and that kind of thing.

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Kawasaki: What made you get into the industry?

JV: Well I wasn’t really girly enough to do beauty or hair and that didn’t interest me that much so I thought I’d give being a mechanic a go. I’ve had success so it’s been good.

Kawasaki: Has it been tough?

JV: Yes it has been but anything worthwhile takes effort.

Kawasaki: What do you think your future holds?

JV: I think it would be great one day to work with a successful supercross/motocross race team. That was kind of a motivation for me when deciding to follow this career path. We’ll see what happens.

Kawasaki: Do you ever get a chance to ride anymore or are you too busy?

JV: I’ve actually just gotten into racing motocross. It’s great fun.

Kawasaki: As a mechanic, do you have any tips for motorcyclists out there.

JV: For dirt bike riders, check your air filter every ride. Check your oil every 2nd or 3rd ride and change it if it’s dirty. Check your other adjustments often as well like tyre pressures, throttle and clutch. For road bikes, always maintain your tyre pressures, that’s really important. Plus keep checking those adjustables like throttle and clutch.

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Kawasaki: Do you enjoy working in the motorcycle industry?

JV: I really do. I love the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I’ve solved a problem or serviced a bike well. I feel a real sense of pride. The best is when a customer gives you good feedback for the work that you’ve done. That’s awesome and makes it all worth it.

Kawasaki: Thanks for your time Jess. We wish you all the very best.

JV: Thank you.

See Jess and the team at Sydney City Motorcycles, Kogarah for all of your Kawasaki needs.

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