Track day specialists and Kawasaki business partners, Champion's Ride Days, have organised a range of Kawasaki events over a number of years. Champion's Ride Days Owner, Nicole, recently shared a story as part of their Kawasaki Hire Bike Program:

"Well this story started unusually with a panicked phone call the night before the Champion’s Ride Days event at Morgan Park Raceway.
“Do you happen to have a spare ZX-10R for hire? My husband forgot the key to his bike (Aprilia) and it is too far to go home and get it”.
On most days, we would have to apologise and say sorry the bikes are all hired for the day. However one positive thing from COVID is that some of our hire bike bookings have been postponed as customers can’t cross the border!"

"So with a great big smile of relief, Stephen booked the bike. As he swung his leg over the Champion’s Ride Days hire bike for the first time, he gave us a thumbs up and headed out onto the track. During the lunch break he casually mentioned that he was keen to try the new Ninja ZX-10R today as he would like one as a track bike! So with little hesitation the Champs Crew discussed the awesome Kawasaki Rebate program, explaining that for every new bike purchased, you get your hire bike fee returned! He loved this idea, finished the day, bought the photo package full of memories and headed home smiling."

"Two weeks later at the next Champion’s Ride Days event at Morgan Park Raceway, a sparkling new white Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rolled into scrutineering! Stephen had not only loved the ride, he then researched it, bought it and trailered the Ninja ZX-10R to Morgan Park for its first open throttle experience! After a few sessions on track, we asked Stephen how it was going and he beamed
“better than I ever thought, so easy to handle, I have already dropped my lap times”.
What more could you ask?"

Now Stephen has $595.00 in his pocket thanks to the Kawasaki Rebate to spend on ride days, tyres and all the good stuff to enjoy his Ninja ZX-10R for the years to come! The rest is history!

If you would like to learn more about Champion's Ride Days be sure to visit:

Website: https://championsridedays.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChampionsRideDays

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/championsridedays/

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