Originally, services offered by Twidale Auto & Motorcycles where automotive mechanical and detailing. Over the last five years, the business has evolved to specialise in three distinctive areas of service including automotive mechanical, 4x4 accessories and most significantly, motorcycles sales, service and accessories.

Twidale Auto & Motorcycles proclaim that their mission is to offer Goondiwindi and surrounding districts a one-stop-shop for all of their motorcycle needs, with a wide product and service selection plus exceptional service delivery.

“It was always our aim to move forward with the introduction of the Kawasaki brand. This would close the gaps on the models currently offered, ensuring the capture of sales,” commented Dealer Principal, Melissa Twidale.

“We had quite literally just started to explore our options when a man in a Kawasaki car with Kawasaki pants, Kawasaki shirt and a Kawasaki key chain, rolled on in the car park! Ben, myself and the TJM representative that was standing in the foyer all stopped talking and stared until Ben broke the silence with "I think this fellas a little lost!"

“It has been just on a year from that day and we are very proud to have now added Kawasaki to our line up and we are excited for the future!” Melissa said.

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