The day was a Club practice day with about 60 riders there on the day with Juniors, Junior lights and Seniors.  Trinity Kawasaki had the Supercross Championship bike the Kawasaki KX450F and the Kawasaki KX250F available for test riding on the day.

The interest was huge especially in the KX250F with riders lining up to ride it and all had only good things to say about the bike especially about the power, most riders lined up for a second go to try a different coupler or stopped mid session to experience the change in power characteristics a simple coupling change could offer

 KX Jump

Trinity Kawasaki had their Technician on hand there to assist with any adjustments that were required by riders to make the experience for the rider as best as it possibly could be.

Troy from Trinity Kawasaki did a great job with the setup and display with Demo KX250 and 450 bikes as well as new units on display, Monster Energy drinks and show bags with Kawasaki brochures and small giveaways for riders who signed up.

A fantastic day and of KX riding was had by all the riders that participated.  Our thanks to Trinity Kawasaki for hosting a great day at the Cairns MX Track.  Keep visiting the Kawasaki website to find out when Ride Days are happening in your area.


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