Adding to its highly acclaimed engine and chassis performance, the 2018 KX250F offers a more powerful engine, combined with the narrow chassis, and slim ergonomics, making this model our fastest yet. It is easier to maintain rpm when launching off the line, and thanks to the improved torque the revs tend to drop less when shifting. From a start, the 18MY KX250F will hit the 60m mark 2m ahead of its predecessor.

Class Leading Features:

  • Faster accelerating 249 cm³ liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single featuring a shorter intake duct for more power and torque. New intake camshaft, larger diameter header pipe, reduced compression ratio and new throttle body enhance midrange and top end performance
  • Weighing in at 104.7 kg, the 18MY KX250F is the lightest KX250F ever, contributing to quick handling
  • Updated race-ready Separate Function front Fork (SFF) Type 2 with self-lubricating alumite coating that reduces friction and promotes smooth fork action
  • Fine-tuned rear suspension settings deliver improved bump absorption and suspension action, making it easier for riders to trace their intended line through corners
  • Minimalist bodywork, very slim radiator shrouds, a flat seat and tank, a narrow frame and smooth seamless design makes it easy for riders to move around
  • Flexible ergonomics including adjustable handlebar and foot peg positions
  • Factory style launch control system maximises traction at the start gate
  • Quick and easy engine tuning with three DFI couplers (plugs) giving a choice of different engine maps
  • Genuine Kawasaki accessories available including hand held KX FI Calibration Controller

RRP: $10,599 (+ pre-delivery)

Colour: Lime Green with factory-style graphics

Availability: Available now through Kawasaki Dealers 

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