24 hour gym owner Justin Eddie from Taringa, QLD almost turned his back on motorcycling forever after a bad crash in 2008. After 2 years of recovering, Justin wandered into a motorcycle dealership again in 2010. Enter TeamMoto Kawasaki Bowen Hills.

With his recovering body rebelling against the riding position of a Supersport machine, Justin found that he felt right at home on a 2007 Z1000. A deal was done with the folks at TeamMoto, Justin was back on two wheels and a love affair with the Z1000 had begun.

In 2012, Justin headed back to TeamMoto and traded in the 2007 model for a new black 2012 Z1000. However Justin really wanted to make the new Kawasaki unique and personal to him so he sat down with TeamMoto Bowen Hills' Customer Service Manager, Lisa Manion. Together Lisa and Justin came up with a plan for TeamMoto to cutomise the Z1000. Shortly after, Lisa returned the Z1000 to Justin boasting a bunch of mods including an exhaust, paint work and more.

Two years later, Justin returned to TeamMoto to trade up his 2012 Z1000 to the 2014 model featured here. Justin was so pleased with what he and Lisa had come up with two years earlier, he again trusted his new Z1000 into the hands of Lisa Manion and the team at TeamMoto to work their magic. The result is one of the trickest 2014 Kawasaki Z1000s in the country.

IMG 0914

A happy Justin Eddie say's, "I'd done reasearch on all sorts of naked bikes, Italian and others before buying the 2014 Z1000. I just keep coming back to the Z1000. I love them.  This 2014 model is without a doubt the best bike I've ridden. It's extremely comfortable and has all the mid and top end power you'd ever need."

"TeamMoto have always gone above and beyond and Lisa has been awesome. I love riding my Z."

IMG 0913

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