The day kicked off with gloomy weather and lingering clouds which were quick to dissipate, revealing the magnificent Mallala circuit in all of its glory. The Kawasaki motorcycles that were in attendance followed the usual trend of covering the entire spectrum, from the purebred racing pedigree Ninja ZX-10R motorcycles to the classics, including a 1976 Z1000 and even the newest member of the Kawasaki line-up, the Z125 PRO. One of the highlights of the day was when Evan Byles of SA Motorcycles blessed the track with 1 of 21 Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycles in Australia, a sight and sound that will stick with the onlookers for years to come.

A smaller KTGA group than usual at the South Australian event made for an even more intimate experience where likeminded Kawasaki enthusiasts were given the opportunity to mingle between track sessions.

Haylie Hanselman was a first time track goer and her Ninja 250 provided her with copious amounts of joy on the day. “This is my first track day and I’m loving it, I am hooked. The track seems great and everyone is really friendly. It is nice and relaxed. Thanks for putting on the day Kawasaki, it’s been fantastic,” said Haylie.

KTGA Track Ride Day - Mallala

Haylie Hanselman with her Ninja 250

Krisjon Edwards almost has one Kawasaki motorcycle for each day of the week, but it was an easy choice to make when it came time to decide which one he would take to the KTGA Track Ride Day. “I have owned my Ninja H2 since September last year and I am loving it! This isn’t my first track day but it is my first one on the H2. I was expecting to have a bit of fun, I was a bit nervous at the thought of taking a supercharged motorcycle around a track at first but it’s turned out quite well,” said Krisjon who has always owned a Kawasaki motorcycle and understandably finds it hard to detach from them. “I own a Ninja ZX-6R, ZX-10R, ZX-12R, and H2 which I was attracted to by the performance factor of the supercharged engine,” said Krisjon who is currently converting his ZX-12R into a drag bike.

KTGA Track Ride Day - Mallala

Krisjon Edwards with supercharged his Ninja H2

Ryan Tyack is potentially the first Z125 PRO owner to ride the smallest member of the Kawasaki Z family on a race track in Australia, saying, “It’s been a lifelong dream to own a bike like this. As a kid, I rode smaller capacity off-road bikes and I said to myself, if they ever make a road going bike this small I am definitely going to buy it, so as soon as the Z125 PRO came out I was all over it!”

“My favourite thing about it is the looks that you get when you are riding it. The way people look at you and give you the thumbs up, it really draws a lot of attention, and the beard and being 6’3” might have something to do with it too.” When we asked Ryan what inspired him to grow such an impressive beard, he said, “I moved to Scotland, froze my bum off and I grew a big beard and now I want grow it until it hits the floor. I’ve been growing it for three years this month.”

KTGA Track Ride Day - Mallala

Ryan Tyack with his Z125 PRO

Ryan’s goal for the day was to experience a road racing track for the first time and to develop a better understanding of his Z125 PRO. “I just want to get to know Mallala and get to know the bike, I want to see what top speed I can reach. This is my ‘go to work every day’ motorcycle and it is so convenient. The clutch and throttle are very easy and forgiving and I love it.”

It was an absolute pleasure to see a 1976 Kawasaki Z1000 on the day, brought along by KTGA member, Ian Fowles.

“About three years ago we were in a situation where we could afford to have the bike I always wanted as a kid so the opportunity came up, we looked around, this one came up and away we went for it. We have painted it, we have changed the bar, a lot of mechanical work has gone into it and we are soon to do the seat. It will have a set of rear foot pegs on it and it will have somewhat of a café racer look to it. It still has a little way to go with its restoration. My wife is a rider as well and she is very keen with this bike too.” said Ian.

“Out of today I just want to have some fun. This bike has been ridden at a hill climb event but never on a track. I want to have some fun and push it a little bit. I think people enjoy seeing these old bikes go around and after today we want to buy a dedicated track bike and do it more seriously. So this will be its first and last time I’ll take her on a track.”

DSC 0126

Ian Fowles with his Z1000

Kawasaki Motors would like to thank all of the KTGA members for their company during yet another highly successful KTGA track ride day. Kawasaki Team Green Australia members can look forward to more events in the future, including an upcoming track ride day at Phillip Island Circuit in Victoria. To find out more, sign up and become a Kawasaki Team Green Australia member for free at www.kawasaki.com.au/kawasaki-team-green-australia

Visit the Kawasaki Motors Australia Facebook page for a full album of photos taken on the day.

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