There’s nothing like Melbourne weather though. In the past week we’ve seen an enormous hail storm and floods followed by 40° days! Yesterday was a perfect Summer’s day and we headed out to Matt Lewis’ place, just 10min from my parents house to make the most of it. Turned out to be an awesome day with Mark ‘Monz’ Monea, Brenton Drager, Josh Woolley, Matt Lewis, Matty Mac and myself all giving it a good go.

I’m not sure who was more scared to hit 75ft straight up out, me or my bro, with Matt moving back to the 450F for the first time in about 5 years or with me not having jumped 75ft at anyone’s but Bayard’s. But luckily Matt stepped up jumping it first and after a couple of go’s he had the KXF450F dialled and his tricks looking smoother then ever. It didn’t take me too long to get sorted and I was back feeling comfy jumping 75ft and practicing my tricks.

Monz had just finished setting up his new Powersports Kawasaki KX250F and was looking good, getting use to jumping it for the first time and working on a few new tricks. It was also good to see Matt Lewis back flipping comfortably after seeing him have a big get off at the front of a flip train on the recent Nitro Circus Live Tour. I hadn’t seen Brenton or Josh who was over from Tassie ride before, but it didn’t take me long to realize these guys were pulling some crazy tricks, so keep a look out for these boys in the future.

Big thanks to Matt Lewis for having us all out there, can’t wait to get back out there and do some more riding while we’re down.

Check out some of the sweet photos below me and my brother took from our ride session.

Words: Emma McFerran (as seen on Freeridermx.com.au)


Matty Mac throwing his new KX450F flat


Monz on his new Powersports Kawasaki KX250F


Monz giving the Carry On a break and learning some tricks over 75


Matt Lewis making the most of his front yard.


Emma McFerran loving the Melbourne weather

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