Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja ZX-10R SE and Ninja ZX-10RR

Sold by Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd between 3 December 2018 and 25 March 2020.


  • The factory Engine Control Unit (ECU) programming may cause the engine to back fire when the quick shift function is used at high engine load.


  • If Back Fire does occur this may result in deformation and/or breakage of the air suction valve(s). Continuous use may result in some surrounding parts melting caused by blow back of high temperature exhaust gas. In the worst case, it may result in a fire.

What to do

  • All affected consumers will be advised by mail to contact an Authorized Kawasaki Dealership to arrange a time to have a modification completed free of charge.

Contact details

See productsafety.gov.au for Australian recall information.

To view the models and VIN range included in this recall, CLICK HERE

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