34 year old Daniel left his home country of Ecuador in June 2012 and set off on an adventure. His only travelling companion, a reliable Kawasaki KLR650 called ‘Emilia’ that Daniel obviously admires and puts great faith in.

When asked why he chose ‘Emi’ the KLR650, Daniel say’s, “I needed a simple and reliable bike and I’ve ridden Kawasaki’s all my life so the KLR was the natural pick. The engine is bullet-proof and it just goes and goes. I love this bike!”

Australia is Daniel’s 26th country to visit with his KLR so far. As you could imagine, Daniel has many experiences and stories to share since he left home 10 months ago.  Most experiences are very positive involving kind and interesting people he has met along the way. Other experiences though are a lot hairier like when he was returning from the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India. On a desolate country road he stopped to photograph a large herd of camels. The angry camel herders appeared and were not impressed so they restrained Daniel and ‘Emi’ with force and large sticks. He was only able to quickly escape after tossing a couple of small coins from his pocket onto the ground. He took off at great speed with a shake in his legs that stuck around for a few hours.

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Daniel plans to head to Argentina next before the Australian winter takes hold. He tends to move with the weather. When we asked him when he will return home to Ecuador, Daniel just shrugs his shoulders and say’s, “I don’t know”. Then after a pause he launches into the details of an upcoming ride he plans to undertake in Alaska.

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Kawasaki wishes Daniel safe and happy travels and we’re thankful that he dropped by to say hello and share some stories.

Daniel’s website titled 1 Dream, 1 Bike, 1 World to Discover can be found at danielsanchezr.webs.com

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